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Tell Speaker Paul Ryan NO AMNESTY!

To: The Honorable Paul Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
All members of U.S. House of Representatives Republican Conference

Stop Amnesty for Illegal Aliens!

The conservative grassroots are outraged that last year the U.S. Senate rushed through the pork-laden Rubio-Obama illegal immigration amnesty bill -- S. 744, the so-called “Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act”.

Subsequesnt media reports, including a lengthy NPR special have revealed just how close -- with the help of newly elected Speaker of the House Paul Ryan -- that monstrosity came to passing.

We the undersigned urge you to reject any immigration "reform" proposal that rewards illegal aliens who broke the law, that allows millions more to burden our fragile economy, and floods the job market with no- or low-skilled workers. Our country can't take it!

We stand for:

  1. Less legal immigration
  2. No amnesty for illegal aliens and lawbreakers
  3. No loosening of the labor market, which will hurt American workers and the middle class
  4. Securing America's borders first and enforcing current border security laws

Last year Senator Marco Rubio and the Gang of 8 and Democrats blocked all substantive amendments to their amnesty bill; and on the Senate floor, Democrats blocked all attempts to fix the bill. 

Under the Obama amnesty plan, illegal aliens will be granted amnesty before the border is secured. The outcry of the conservative grassroots against the Obama -- Rubio destruction of American exceptionalism was drowned with millions of dollars in false advertising funded by dirty money pulled from the deep pockets of pro-open border billionaires seeking cheap labor.

Speaker Ryan, we demand you secure America’s border first, and refrain from granting any level of "legalization" to illegal immigrants who broke our laws and will only be a burden on our economy. It’s the right thing to do.


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No More, No Mas

STOP STOP STOP! The leadership in our party has gone so far into the blurred so-called 'middle ground' that conservatives will end up staying home at the next election if we are given another McCain/Romney establishment candidate. The country will end up with HRC - and will be so far down the path to ruin that by the end of her term, there will be NO America left.

I say stop listening to the political consultants and pay attention to the everyday Americans! ALL Republican leaders should resign and allow leaders who have been elected because of their strong conservative values to put their talents to work at correcting the course of our ship of state before it hits the proverbial iceberg and sinks! This leadership has failed the country! Both houses need new blood...NO promotions of the second or third in line...NEW blood! We have many outstanding young Republicans who could do the job...they must have the opportunity!


Why in the hell do Republicans focus on issues that are of no concern to the average voter. It's the economy, big gov, taxes and ObamaCare. Amnesty will not help us get one Hispanic vote. Contrary voting rights will be given to millions of Democratic voters. How can Republicans be so DUMB?


No. They will get a few Hispanic votes. But the conserviatives that stay home or vote 3rd party will far out weigh any benifit Repubs will get out of it.

The 3rd

party "voters" ALWAYS take away from the conservative or more right-side candidate. I wish they would get that thru their heads. Sitting home and NOT voting is NOT how to win. The so-called republicans, that whine "they didn't pick my candidate" should just call themselves demon-crats and leave it at that. It's like calling k rove a knowledgeable statistician.


It's not like amnesty for illegals isn't anywhere on the Democrats' radar. It is most certainly an issue they, as a Party, have been pushing for years, and it is pretty clear that the U.S. Senate and Obama are trying to keep the spotlight shining on that as one of their big draws for the 2014 mid-terms. It is the "carrot on the stick" to get Hispanic votes.

The fact of the matter is, if amnesty for illegals were put to a public vote, the measure would fail miserably, because very few non-Hispanics want to see somewhere between 12 and 20 MILLION illegals suddenly become legal. Government figures already show that illegals are costing U.S. taxpayers much more than their value as laborers in the job market "doing jobs Americans refuse to do", and legalizing them undoubtedly will not suddenly make them decide to get off the government dole and start becoming contributors to American society.

Since the majority of GOP voters are against the idea of blanket amnesty for folks who entered our country illegally, it is extremely important to those of us who are anti-amnesty that we have some sort of representation in Washington by one of the 2 major political parties. You may recall that both George W. Bush and John McCain were pro-amnesty Republicans, and for the majority of us conservative GOP voters, that was very disquieting to have "our own guys" sharing the amnesty agenda of the Democrats.

Given the present unemployment situation, the absolute last thing unemployed Americans was to see now is 12-20 million new "citizens" flooding the job market that is already sorely lacking in jobs because of America's uncertain future under Socialism and the fact that business owners are reluctant to expand their businesses when the future is so unpredictable.