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Cuccinelli Charging in Virginia – Poll Shows Race a Toss-Up

McAuliffe and Cuccinelli
There’s a reason the Clintons have been called in to spend a week campaigning for Democrat Terry McAuliffe and that anti-Second Amendment New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pouring in millions of dollars into the McAuliffe campaign with two weeks to go before the election – Ken Cuccinelli is surging and Terry McAuliffe is fading.

A new poll by Wenzel Strategies, which accurately predicted closing momentum for Sens. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Deb Fischer, among others, shows that Democrat Terry McAuliffe is leading Republican Ken Cuccinelli 41%-40%. Libertarian Robert Sarvis garners 10% and 9% of Virginia’s likely voters who remain undecided. 

Brian Baker, President of Ending Spending Action Fund, which commissioned the poll told Breitbart News, “Their internals must be showing what our poll indicates -- that his [McAuliffe’s] unfavorables are high and they must try to suppress Cuccinelli turnout to prevail.  All indications are that the numbers are closing, especially post shutdown. The focus will be where the undecideds go and what will Sarvis draw? With the race this close, the poll indicates a vote for [Libertarian Robert] Sarvis is a vote for McAuliffe.”

According to the analysis of Breitbart’s Mike Flynn, the slight edge McAuliffe holds is due mostly to stronger support within his partisan base. 81% of Democrats support McAuliffe, against just 68% of Republicans who support Cuccinelli. With less than two weeks to go, the race is a toss-up that will likely be decided by turnout, a critical factor in an off-year election.

Liberals and the special interest crowd at the Capitol in Richmond get the big picture and what is at stake in this election.

If they defeat Ken they will have a clear path to raise taxes, enact further environmental regulations that will restrict America’s energy sources and independence and devastate Virginia coal country, rollback Virginia’s sensible limits on abortion and to make sure Obamacare remains the law of the land.

However, if Ken wins, it will have national implications and send a signal that voters reward principled conservatives who do fight for our limited government constitutional conservative agenda.

Right now the Governor’s race effectively tied, and Cuccinelli might be running away with the election if Sarvis was not in the race. But Sarvis is in the race, and Terry McAuliffe has out fundraised Ken better than 2 to 1. 

The only way to beat this avalanche of liberal money from outside of Virginia is through a grassroots campaign that turns-out every limited government constitutional conservative in Virginia to vote for Ken Cuccinelli. Voting for Libertarian Robert Sarvis is a dead end; we urge limited government constitutional conservatives and other liberty loving voters to commit today to vote for Ken Cuccinelli.

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Homophobia runs wild in the GOP

As long as homophobia, interventionist foreign policy, prohibiton, the FED, useless federal depts and the LAME CLAIM of "family values" are planks in the GOP's platform, it will continue down the path of just another statist party similar to the dems.

Missing Information

I'm still waiting to see Mr. McAuliffe's tax returns. We all know about the millions he made on his Global Crossing investments. Did he make a lot of his money on coal investments? On gas investments? On oil investments? on Nuke investments? None of this we know, and would be important to know.

And is money stashed on some sandy and sunny beach island in the Carribean?

Maybe if voters knew this information they would tap the right name on the screen when they go to the polls; Ken Cuccinelli.

Virginia-Don't Get This Wrong!

Vote for Cuccinelli. I dont' know much about Robert Sarvis but I am positive he is a great Libertarian, and, under different times would be a great choice. But now is not the time. We can't afford to lose to the likes of Terry McAuliffe. He is not a good person! He is everything that is wrong with this country. There is a place sometime in the future for Robert Sarvis, now, unfortunately is not the time.

Vote for the right candidate...

This is what this site did in 2012 - encouraged people to not vote for the true conservative, because "a vote for them is a vote for the democrats." I understand that Libertarians split the conservative vote because they are even more conservative then the majority of republicans, but why not support the most conservative candidate even if they aren't a republican at all?

Libertarians - Please Don't Screw the Pooch Again!

Why cannot you Libertarians, just for once, please consider that your realistic chances of winning an election under these circumstances is ZERO? Why must you always sabotage a close election, not get your man, and stick our Republic with another anti-constitution, hard-core socialist twit?

How about letting the viable candidate actually win?

Your man has not a prayer at 10 percent, and he is not going to get much more than that (if not less) on election day - and, unless you are all completely delusional, you guys know this to be so.

Put the egos away, and let's do all possible to give McAuliffe a hard and well-deserved kick to the gonads.

Sarvis is NOT Conservative

I've met all three VA gubernatorial candidates and as much as it pains me to say because I lean a little Libertarian myself, Rob Sarvis is even more of a lightweight than McAuliffe. He has so little experience when it comes to leadership, it's laughable. He is PRO-GAY MARRIAGE, which is considered by most far-right conservatives as a much more liberal stance. Sarvis is brave for running, but sadly, he is just recycling the Left's false narrative ("Ken is trying to push his social agenda on everyone"...which is B.S.) on Cuccinelli which shows his immaturity. Conservatives need to support Cuccinelli. It is not Sarvis' time. He needs MUCH MORE experience to even be taken seriously. His relatively short background in tech and econ just aren't enough to run our state.


I'm voting for Sarvis. His being "PRO-GAY MARRIAGE" is simply a reflection of his limited government bona fides. His stance can be more accurately described by this question: "Do you REALLY want the government regulating the sacrament of marriage"? Because once you cede that, the government has a precedent to regulate your church's sacraments when you won't like the outcome.

He has more leadership experience than McAuliffe, and clerked for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. He was the Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of NYU's "Journal of Law & Liberty"; imagine the kind of leadership and commitment it took to do that at NYU.

So he clearly has as much experience as McAuliffe, and about as much as Reagan did before he was elected Governor of California.

Personally, I want limited government. Ken is fantastic on some issues, but he is clearly in favor of an energetic, robust state government on other, social, issues. That's not a swipe here on CHQ, but it's a disqualifier for me & many other libertarians. A vote for Sarvis says that we can't be hypocritics. Limited government where the government has what it thinks is a compelling interest inside a marriage or inside people's reproductive organs is not a limited government.


Dan Fitzgerald

Wrong Again

You're glaringly wrong on same-sex marriage. If it is supported and backed by law, churches will surely be forced to recognize such "marriages," which tramples on religious freedom for those institutions that are founded upon traditional marriage beliefs. I agree that the government shouldn't be in the marriage business, but sanctioning same-sex marriage will only give the gov't power over it.

Secondly, CUCCINELLI is RISING as A BETTER LIBERTARIAN CHOICE. See Dr. Susan Berry's Breitbart article:
Repub. Ken Cuccinelli has more to offer libertarians than opponent Rob Sarvis. Libertarians Ron and Rand Paul have both endorsed Cuccinelli. Libertarian Tim Carney wrote that Cuccinelli “WOULD ARGUABLY BE THE MOST LIBERTARIAN GOVERNOR IN THE US if he wins,” a point that contrasts sharply with the libertarians' attacks.