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Liberty Voters: Send Them A Message – Vote Cuccinelli

Rob Sarvis, Ken Cuccinelli

Please forward this to your libertarian friends and contacts in Virginia.

In politics, when it comes to the liberty agenda – personal privacy and liberty, economic liberty and property rights in particular – there are talkers and then there are doers. 

As The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney and Charles C. W. Cooke of National Review Online have written, "If he wins on Nov. 5, Virginia’s Ken Cuccinelli would arguably be the most libertarian governor in the United States.” 

Cuccinelli has an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association; he has promised to cut the state’s income-tax rate by a stunning “15 percent for individuals and 33 percent for corporations”; he was against expanding the death penalty when the state GOP wished to make it part of their platform; he fought hard against the smoking ban; he has been a strong and active foe of ObamaCare from the start; and he staunchly opposes the Medicaid expansion that further expands the power of the federal government. For these positions, he has been endorsed by both Ron and Rand Paul.

Robert Sarvis? Ummm, not so much.

Setting aside the fact that in his fairly brief involvement in Virginia politics and public policy Sarvis has not actually accomplished anything to advance the liberty agenda – and there have been plenty of opportunities to do so in Virginia’s crony ridden state legislature – his positions hardly qualify him as a libertarian, let alone a small government constitutional conservative.

As Cooke and Carney have noted while Sarvis claims to be a “libertarian” his positions are oddly far afield from the liberty agenda as we have always understood it and supported it.

As governor, Sarvis told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, he would be hesitant to cut taxes, unsure as to how he might “reduce spending,” and open to indulging the largest piece of federal social policy since 1965 by expanding Virginia’s Medicaid program. These positions lead us to agree with Cooke’s analysis that Sarvis is not so much put off by “strongly libertarian economics” as by libertarian economics per se.

We would also note for the record that these are all proposals and policies that Ken Cuccinelli has worked tirelessly to defeat, with notable success we might add.

Even more astonishing to those who love liberty was Sarvis’s rambling interview with the Virginia Prosperity Project, in which the candidate expressed his enthusiasm for increasing gas levies, and for establishing a “vehicle-miles-driven tax.” 

It is, as Cooke observed, almost impossible to square such a measure with any remotely coherent “libertarian” position on that most sacred of rights: privacy.

What Sarvis is advocating by supporting a “vehicle-miles-driven tax” is the enactment of a law that would require Virginians to install a state-owned black box in their cars to track their locations and miles driven so they can be taxed.

Support for a “vehicle-miles-driven tax” clearly separates Robert Sarvis from the views of libertarians and limited government constitutional conservatives and puts him squarely on the side of big government progressive Democrats.

Indeed, one would be hard-pressed to find a position on social or economic issues in which Sarvis deviates from the liberal or progressive norm. 

Far from reducing or eliminating the power and reach of the state to advance liberty, what Sarvis advocates are reliably progressive positions that to achieve would require using the power of the state to impose social liberalism on reluctant Virginians.

There is only one candidate running for Governor who has consistently opposed the expansion of state power over the individual, and that is Ken Cuccinlli. If you love liberty and want to send a message to Richmond and Washington that you want the power and intrusiveness of government curtailed there is only one candidate in the race who may be relied upon to fight the expansion of the state and to actually win fights for liberty, and that’s Ken Cuccinelli. We urge you to vote for Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of Virginia tomorrow, Tuesday, November 5. 

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