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In Defense of the TEA Party – Part 3

Don't Tread On Me
In the aftermath of principled limited government constitutional conservative Ken Cuccinelli’s defeat in Tuesday’s Virginia gubernatorial election the Republican establishment has been quick to blame the TEA Party and in particular the TEA Party inspired federal government “slimdown.”

Missing from most of the debates, polls and editorials so anxious to blame the TEA Party, was the fact that it was the Democrats who stonewalled any negotiation on the debt ceiling while immediately labeling any new Republican proposal as dead on arrival. Obama refused to bargain.

Through the well-orchestrated campaign against the Republican “fringe,” and the clinking of Democrat glasses as they celebrate their “victory” over the TEA Party “nuts,” almost unnoticed was an October 15th report in the New York Post, which revealed that, behind the scenes in Democrat circles, close Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett is being touted as the “architect” of the shutdown. 


Because it was Jarrett who advised Obama that voters would mostly blame Republicans if the federal government was shut down. That fact would give the Democrats the perfect excuse to allow it to take back control of the House of Representatives. 

Bottom line: the TEA Party was set up by professional operatives on the Left in both the Democrat and Republican parties, to be the bad guy in the shutdown controversy.  

As this debate over the TEA Party rages, it is vital that Americans understand what the attacks on the TEA Party are really all about. 

Why is the TEA Party so vilified? Why are Democrats, establishment Republicans, the news media and Washington, DC insiders so desperate to kill the TEA Party? 

Why do they fear it so?   

Why? Because the TEA Party represents a dedicated force that could change the future of the nation away from their well-laid plans for a bigger and more intrusive government. 

The TEA Party asks the hard questions and won’t accept the hot air coming out of government officials. The TEA Party actually believes that when a politician says something on the stump to get their votes – then he or she had better stick to those promises when they get elected. What a concept!

The TEA Party is a throwback to those who founded this nation on the principle that individuals are born with their rights rather than being granted by government. And that government’s job is to protect those rights. Such ideas in today’s world are a threat to the drive for a well–ordered, well-controlled society. Individuals running amok in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness are a threat and must be kept in their place.

And so, the attack dog media constantly attacks the TEA Party, trying to convince Americans that it has a dark side. Who is its leader, they demand. Who speaks for the TEA? In doing so, the TEA Party is then defined by that so-named leader. Is it Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann? Then every negative thing that could be said about those two could be said about the TEA Party. It’s a divide and conquer strategy. 

Destroy those so-called leaders and you destroy the whole movement. Democrat candidates do the same thing in their campaign ads against any conservative opponent. 

And so, for a news media that can’t seem to find any negative facts about a single government program or Democrat, it digs and digs into the TEA Party to find who leads it? Who funds it? Where did it come from? What does it really want? And the questions aren’t designed to inform the public, they are designed to destroy the TEA Party movement.   

Here’s the fact that frustrates the media and the Washington establishment: there is no one leader of the TEA Party. That is its strength. 

There are many individual local groups TEA Party groups. It is a true grassroots movement with individual members and groups focused on a variety of issues depending on their location and concerns. There is only one connecting issue for every TEA Party group – a belief that the Constitution of the United States, the document that every elected official pledges to defend, is the law of the land and must be the deciding factor in every action taken by Congress and the federal government. It’s as simple as that.

There is one question every American must now ask after having witnessed Obama and Harry Reid refusing to consider any proposal offered by the Republicans. 

Is there room in modern America for anyone to object to those in charge? 

Do Americans have a right to speak out and say no? 

Do Americans have a right to take action against those policies they oppose? 

Obama, Reid and others of their kind across the nation say no. Blind acceptance to their policies and ideas are the only acceptable way in their world. The technical term for such a state is tyranny. 

If it frightens you that America, the land of the Free, has come to such a state, then take a good hard look. Realize that this is the future if it is allowed to continue. 

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with all of the issues or positions of the TEA Party, it is the one movement today that is protecting the right of opposition and freedom of speech for every American. They have been attacked, called lunatic fringe, racist, and just plain nuts, simply because they believe they have a right, as Americans, to speak out against policies enforced on them by an out of control government. And they don’t buckle in the face of overwhelming opposition  – because to do otherwise means the end of freedom. That is the TEA Party.

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