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A Prime Example of Why Conservatives Need to Takeover the GOP

Virginia 2013 Gubernatorial Race Results Map
If you look at a map of Virginia election results for Tuesday’s gubernatorial election it shows you could easily drive from one end of Virginia to the other, north to south or east to west, without crossing a county Democrat Terry McAuliffe won.

Principled limited government constitutional conservative Ken Cuccinelli won the vast majority of Virginia’s 95 counties. Where the campaign was lost was in the urban enclaves, especially Northern Virginia.

Why did Cuccinelli lose Northern Virginia?

Some might attribute it to the vast amount of money raised and spent in Northern Virginia’s expensive TV market by Terry McAuliffe.

But that’s not where we come down.

In our analysis, Cuccinelli was defeated in Northern Virginia because the Republican Party is completely moribund in Washington’s Virginia suburbs, especially Arlington, where Cuccinelli lost by some 33,000 votes.

Why do we say the Republican Party is completely moribund in Arlington?

Well, for one thing it ran no candidates for the local offices up for election – none.

Seats on the Arlington County Board and School Board and four House of Delegates districts were up for election and no Republicans ran; for some of the offices there was a Green Party candidate and even an Independent, but no Republican.

This folly, according to Arlington County Republican Committee Chairman Charles Hokanson, was so the local Republican organization could “prioritize” their work on behalf of Cuccinelli and the other statewide campaigns.

Earth to Chuck – that’s not how it works.

If one looks at how conservatives have won elections – or at least made the Republican Party competitive – in other Democrat-leaning jurisdictions around the country it has been by fielding local candidates who worked hard to sell their ideas, and then performed once they were elected to office.

Every local candidate you field brings with him, or her, their friends, civic club members, church, family and neighbors to add to the pool of potential Republican votes and potentially support the top of the ticket – and contribute to the overall get-out-the-vote effort.

Plus, liberal efforts to demonize conservatives don’t sell so easily when the candidate is known and respected in the local community as a leader or activist.

You build a political movement from the bottom to the top and you sell conservative policy from your local jurisdictions right up to the White House.

Expecting the top of the ticket to pull in the bottom of the ticket in some sort of coat tail effect is a perennial loser’s approach to politics that dooms the Northern Virginia GOP to failure.

If the Virginia GOP – or any other state Republican Party – wants to start winning statewide elections then they should start not at the top, but at the bottom.

The road back to the Governor's Mansion starts with recruiting School Board candidates to run in opposition to Common Core, recruiting House of Delegate candidates who promise to go to Richmond and fight the cronyism in the State House and filling other positions on the local ballot with people who will bring new voters into the Republican coalition. It also requires filling the local Republican Party leadership with people who understand that in an election where only 42% of voters turn out the votes to win are there if you recruit and support local candidates who will attract them.

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Why not Redraw boundries of the State?

Every few years we redraw the boudries of the Congressional Districts - to mak the represntations "Fair". ;>)

Why not redraw the boundries of the State and include adjoining areas from adjacent States ... consolidate all the RED counties into an area adjoing the neighboring States RED counties ... anyone who thinks there a chance of getting together needs to re-study the passage of ObamaCare to see the frustration with that theory. Get it over with and let the Blue counties tax the daylights out of each other and let those in the Red counties enjoy their freedom without being punished by those in the Blue? Seems like that makes sense to me ... let them spend theirselves into a worse hole than they already have.