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Viguerie Plots Way Forward for Virginia Tea Party

Richard Viguerie
Headlining the 4th annual Tea Party Action Conference, CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie picked-up the conference theme "Changing the Rules of the Game" to exhort the 125+ attendees that “it’s the primaries stupid” and challenge them to take over the Republican Party as the only realistic means of advancing the cause of conservative governance.

In some 30 minutes of remarks, followed by a question and answer session, Viguerie outlined the 101-year civil war within the Republican Party between the big government Republican establishment and the limited government constitutional conservative grassroots and encouraged Virginia’s Tea Party activists to throw themselves into the fight by taking over the leadership of the GOP.

"You are half of the reason I am so optimistic about the future of America, but you are only half of it. The other half is Barack Obama. Once, twice, three times a day, he’s going to do something to anger you. That’s okay. Take 30, maximum of 40 seconds and throw something. Then get down on your knees and thank God that he’s President of the United States because I know of no other way to save America.

For the 50 years I’ve been active in the conservative movement at the national level, people ask me, Richard is it too late to turn America around? We’ve gone too far down this socialist road. I’ve always had one answer, and one answer only. And my answer, I realize, in recent years, is incomplete. My answer was: the only chance I see to save America is for things to get real bad, real quick. Well, guess what? We’re there. Frogs are jumping out of that boiling water. What I forgot was even if things get really, really bad, we’ve got to have some vehicle that will organize and lead the opposition, and that is the Tea Party. I don’t know where we’d be without you people and I thank you."

In 2006, 2008, the Republicans lost the Congress, lost the White House, in my opinion having nothing to do with the Democrats and everything to do with the failed, immoral, in my opinion, corrupt Republican leaders. George Bush, Karl Rove, Boehner, Hastert, et cetera. People don’t like them. We’ve had 4 big victories in my lifetime: 1980, 1984, the Gingrich Revolution Contract with America in 1994 and 2010. See the similarities there? The Republican establishment was not the face of the Republican Party in those big election victories.

Republicans are like the biblical Jews who could not get to the Promised Land. until that generation of failed leaders had passed from the scene. We’re not going to get to the political Promised Land until we get new leadership. We’re seeing it out there. We’re seeing the Mike Lees, the Ted Cruzs, the Rand Pauls, Justin Amash in the House and Tim Huelskamp and others out there. It’s exciting and that’s why I say, ‘It’s the primaries, stupid!’  

I was saying this in 2009. In 2010, we started this wave coming that was going to wash out a lot of Democrats. What a shame it would be if we just had more big government Republicans replace the Democrats. We didn’t get enough, but we had a lot of successes and you can see a wave coming again. If all that happens is that we return more big government Republicans to power, we cannot expect different results. It’s just not going to happen, people. 

I’m writing a book called “Takeover.” I hope to have it finished in a week or so. It deals with what I consider the most important political battle in America. And it is not with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama. It is inside the Republican Party. It’s a 101-year-old battle.  What happened politically 101 years ago? Teddy Roosevelt. Progressive Republican leaves the Republican Party, starts the Bull Moose Party, splits the Republican vote, and Woodrow Wilson, one of the worst presidents we’ve ever had, is elected. And we’ve been battling them ever since. It’s very difficult to win a war if you don’t know you’re in one.  So we’ve had our guns trained on the wrong target. We’re over here focused on Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Pelosi, and in my day – Adlei Stevenson, McGovern, et cetera. But the real problem is the big government establishment Republicans."

Martha Boneta, one of Virginia’s leading property rights advocates whose battle to preserve the economic viability of her farm inspired the introduction of the “Boneta Bill” by limited government constitutional conservative Delegate L. Scott Lingamfelter said she came to the conference specifically to hear CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie speak, and that she found Mr. Viguerie’s speech inspiring. 

“I’m a huge fan,” said Ms. Boneta, “but this was the first time I’d had the opportunity to hear Richard speak in public, I was blown away.”

Ms. Boneta cited “Viguerie’s Four Horsemen of Marketing” as one of the more impactful parts of his remarks. “Breaking political communications down to position, differentiation, benefit, and branding, as Richard did was a real revelation. I was also really inspired by his emphasis on the need to define or be defined in politics – encouraging the audience to be leaders and to define yourself before others define you.”

“I was also very impressed by Mr. Viguerie’s comments about being a ‘third force’ and how strongly he emphasized becoming a ‘third force’ working to take over the Republican Party, as opposed to forming a third party.”

Viguerie’s remarks received an enthusiastic standing ovation from the Tea Party activists assembled in the DoubleTree Hotel Richmond – Midlothian, who, at the conclusion of his keynote address presented Mr. Viguerie with a “RINO Hunter” hat and swarmed the stage to greet him and congratulate him for his 50+ years of service to the conservative cause. Watch Viguerie's speech by clicking here.

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Changing the rules of the game

I thoroughly enjoyed the video of your talk and I am invigorated once again. Thank you. Yes, we need to change the rules of the game. However, it seems Republican establishment may be setting up to do the same.