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Why I’m Standing By Congressman Trey Radel

Trey Radel
The arrest of Republican Congressman Trey Radel on possession of cocaine charges, and Radel’s subsequent guilty plea has been front page news for a week now. Democrats and some in the establishment media were quick to call for Radel’s resignation and following Radel’s guilty plea, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed a complaint against Radel with the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Unlike the hyper-partisans at the Democratic National Committee and most of the media who have been calling for Trey Radel’s head, as a resident of Florida and a voter in Congressional District 19 I actually voted for Trey Radel in both the primary and the general election of 2012. 

As things stand now, despite his conviction and now-acknowledged problems with drugs and alcohol, if Congressman Radel chooses to run for re-election, I plan to vote for him again. 

Why would I vote to re-elect someone who got in trouble with drugs?

Simple – Trey Radel voted the way I hoped and expected he would when he got to Congress.

Trey was a leader of the House Republican effort to keep America out of an unconstitutional war with Syria, and has been a solid vote for fiscal responsibility and reducing the size, scope and intrusiveness of the federal government.

And frankly, that is why liberals (who are far from liberal when it comes to judging the personal foibles of conservatives) want Radel gone from Congress. We all know if Trey Radel’s name were Kennedy there would be no calls for his resignation from the Democratic side of the aisle.

Among all the demands for Radel’s resignation from the Democrats and liberals in the media you’d think there would have been one Republican or fellow conservative who would have said, “Hey, wait a minute,” asked what personal demons Trey Radel was trying to fight off through his now publicly acknowledged addiction to drugs and alcohol and stepped forward to offer prayers of support for Trey and his devastated family.

If there was, I couldn’t find it.

Am I disappointed in Trey Radel? You bet.  Am I surprised that a politician has feet of clay and finds himself in trouble with drugs and alcohol? Not at all. The scourge of drug and alcohol addiction is not limited to any economic or social class and it doesn’t skip over people simply because they occupy high public office.

When it comes to the personal transgressions of politicians and elected officials we conservatives are often tougher on our own than we are on the opposition, standing as we do for personal responsibility and the rule of law. And we shouldn’t reduce or weaken our expectations.

However, along with those high expectations of personal rectitude, conservatives also claim to inform their political beliefs with Judeo-Christian values, and two of the principle values and core beliefs of Christianity are forgiveness and redemption.  The Bible tells us in Luke 17:3-4 that "forgiveness is required of us whenever someone asks our pardon.”  Trey Radel has taken the first steps toward forgiveness by confessing and repenting his problems with drugs and alcohol, I for one plan to stand by him on the journey to redemption should he choose to follow that path.

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Drug use?

There have been a myriad of comments about the Congressman's hypocrisy, so I am sure that he would agree that it would be fare if he underwent a mandatory drug test each time he is scheduled to get his paycheck!

Trey Radel

I agree with George Rasley in his reasoning for continuing to support the congressman who acted badly. Consider the alternative, a Democrat who votes the party line, spends our children into further debt,takes away our doctor, imposes regulations that inhibit economic growth and kills prosperity, takes our freedoms, etc. It comes down to what he does in office and how he votes. Does he honor his oath of office?

Bottom line: I'd vote for the Boston Strangler rather than for Obama as the former only kills a few people while ObamaCare alone will cause the death of untold thousands. I even actually voted for McCain.

Consider the real alternative...

...A Republican Congressman who DOESN'T do cocaine.

No amount of bad deeds on the Democrats' part excuses Radel's cocaine use.

As for Mr. Rasley, it's his vote so he can vote for whomever he wants to. He's being soft on crime though when he advocates voting for Radel.

So it's OK if you're Republican?

What other bad deeds on Radel's part will you be fine with because he votes how you want him to?

And what would your reaction have been if Radel was a Democrat?

I could respect where Radel is coming from if he were cleaning up on his own volition. As it were, he is only cleaning up because he was caught. I think you are foolish for being so naive when it comes to a politician of any stripe.

And I continue to wonder exactly what point in time the conservatives became so soft on crime. The amount of advocacy these days among the right for lawless behavior is astounding. Case in point... this article.