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ObamaCare is Working Perfectly

Commentators and pundits have it all wrong when they say ObamaCare isn’t working.

ObamaCare is working perfectly from Obama’s perspective — as a weapon to destroy the health insurance industry… and ultimately to destroy capitalism.

Most assume that what Obama wants is for the <> website to work and for all the numbers to add up.

Most assume that he expected young and healthy people to quickly sign up for ObamaCare, happily pay much higher premiums with higher deductibles in order to subsidize the sick and the elderly . . . because that’s what’s required for ObamaCare to mostly sustain itself financially.

If that doesn’t happen (which it won’t) private insurance premiums on the ObamaCare exchanges will skyrocket. Then no one will want the health insurance being offered — or won’t be able to afford it.

Most assume that would mean disaster for ObamaCare.

But that’s not Obama’s thinking.

That’s what Obama wants. He wants premiums to skyrocket for private health insurance on the exchanges.

He will then say this is proof that private health insurance doesn’t work.

His people are already blaming the health insurance companies for cancelling people’s policies –even though the cancellations are mandated by the ObamaCare law.

This is right out of his Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals playbook: create as much chaos as possible and collapse the system.

Obama’s not an idiot. He can add up numbers.  He can connect the dots.  Do not underestimate Obama. Do not dismiss Obama as incompetent. He’s highly competent. Look what he did to Mitt Romney.

One year before the Election, Obama’s job approval rating stood at 45 percent on the Real Clear Politics average of polls. But he ended up pulverizing Romney in the Election — by four points.  The Election wasn’t close.

The Obama campaign made the Romney campaign look like a Model-T.

Make no mistake. Obama is highly intelligent. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

Obama obviously knew the ObamaCare exchanges would fail, that this entire ObamaCare system would fail — that it can’t possibly succeed.

The 2,700-page ObamaCare law (now with 20,000 pages of regulations added to it) is an illogical, self-contradictory mess doomed to implode, taking our entire health care system down with it.

ObamaCare is failing by design.

He and Michelle must be howling with laughter every night over dinner at how perfectly his scheme is working.

He probably can’t believe we’re this stupid — to think the goal of ObamaCare is to make health care better and more affordable for Americans.  How could anyone, except a complete fool, think that?

Mostly what’s happening on the ObamaCare exchanges is people are being funneled into Medicaid.

Many say this proves ObamaCare is a disaster — that all these millions of new people that will be funneled into Medicaid will cause both federal and state government spending to explode and deficits to skyrocket.

Again, Obama doesn’t care. In fact, this is exactly what Obama wants.

The more people he can put on Medicaid, the better from Obama’s perspective.

Obama has always said that what he really wants is single-payer socialized medicine. He has called this ObamaCare system a transition to that. He has said it might take us 15 years to get to single-payer socialized medicine. But we’ll get there eventually, he’s said.

What is Medicaid?

It’s single-payer socialized medicine. The more people he can funnel into Medicaid, the better from Obama’s point of view. Ideally, he would like no one to enroll in private insurance, even on the ObamaCare exchanges.

What he wants is “Medicaid for all.”

Obama loves to create dependents on government.

Americans on food stamps is up 50 percent under Obama. He’s advertising in low-income areas to get more people hooked on food stamps.

He has spent billions of taxpayer dollars distributing free “Obama Phones” to his constituents.

We now have 10.8 million Americans receiving disability benefits — which is about the population of the entire state of Illinois and more than the population of Greece.

The more people he can hook on free stuff from the government, the better, in Obama’s world.

He wants more people on food stamps, more people on welfare, more people in public housing, more people on public assistance, more people working for the government — as many as possible. And he wants to shrink the private economy.

He once described his brief stint working for a  business as “working behind enemy lines.”

ObamaCare is not about providing quality, affordable health care to all Americans. It’s about income and wealth redistribution. It’s about his 2008 promise to “fundamentally transform” America — by which he means “fundamentally transform” America into his Hugo Chavez-style socialist vision.

Is it possible that Obama’s dysfunctional website is dysfunctional on purpose?

Well, what’s the result of not working?

The result is it’s nearly impossible to sign up for private health insurance on the ObamaCare exchanges?

Isn’t this exactly what Obama wants?

He’s made it no secret that he sees the health insurance industry as evil. He has spent his entire public live demonizing the health insurance industry.

His goal is to eliminate the private health insurance industry completely. What better way to do this than to make it impossible to buy private health insurance? — which is exactly what’s happening now.

How long will these private insurance companies put up with this chaos (and lack of business) before they get out of the health insurance business and go into other fields?

Not long. They aren’t going to wait three months, or six months, or a year for the ObamaCare exchanges to work. They have to make money now. So it won’t be long (perhaps another 90 days or so) before there is no more private health insurance available — certainly none at an affordable price.

Next year, Obama’s own Health and Human Services projects that 80 million employer-based health insurance plans will be cancelled. That’s in addition to HHS projecting 14 million individual policy cancellations — for a total of 93 million health insurance policy cancellations.

Again, this is exactly what Obama wants. He will then just blame the evil corporations and the evil private sector for these cancellations.

Then we’ll have little choice but to go to single-payer socialized medicine — Medicaid for all.

Won’t that be wonderful?

There are  many other side-benefits to ObamaCare from Obama’s point of view — none having to do with providing affordable quality health care for all.

ObamaCare imposes enormous costs on business — the enemy, in Obama’s mind.

The more burdens he can place on business, the more our free-market economy slows and stumbles. He can then point to this as further proof that capitalism doesn’t work, that what we need is more socialism.

So ObamaCare is achieving exactly what Obama wants to achieve on every front.  What he wants is to sabotage and collapse America’s capitalist economic system.

Back to Obama’s dysfunctional website.

Is it really conceivable that Obama’s people did not know how to build a functioning website for $634 million in taxpayer money?

The Obama 2012 reelection campaign was the most high-tech, the most technologically sophisticated in history.

The Obama campaign made the Romney campaign look like a horse and buggy by comparison.

Obviously, Obama’s people know how to build a website that works.

So the question is: Why didn’t they build a site that works for the $634 million?

THE ANSWER: He does not want <>  to work. He does not want ObamaCare to work — if by working we mean making our health care system work better.  He does not want our mostly capitalist economy to work. He wants to collapse the system.

Obama is a Marxist ideologue.  He’s a true radical. And he’s playing for keeps.  Remember, he’s out to “fundamentally transform” America.

His pastor of 20 years was the America-hating Jeremiah Wright, for Pete’s sake.  Obama’s political career was launched out of the livingroom of the self-described America-hating terrorist William Ayers. His mentor growing up was Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall Davis. He taught Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals at the University of Chicago — called this book among the most influential books in terms of shaping his thinking.  He was a “community organizer” for the radical VOTE FRAUD organization ACORN.

His former White House Communications Director (Anita Dunn) is a self-described Maoist.

These are the kinds of people Obama surrounds himself with.

This is who Obama is.

How can he like something he says he want to “fundamentally transform?”

What if I said to my wife: “Honey, I love you. Here’s how I want to fundamentally transform you”?

I doubt she would take this as a sign that the marriage is going well.

ObamaCare is doing exactly what it was designed to do: And that’s to destroy America’s health insurance industry and health care system (18 percent of the U.S. economy), which is one giant step toward destroying capitalism in America.

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ObamaCare for all?

So, the health care system invented and promoted by the GOP, The Heritage Foundation and the state of Mass. is:
"exactly what Obama wants"
"demonizing the health insurance industry"
"to make it impossible to buy private health insurance"
"further proof that capitalism doesn’t work"
"doing exactly what it was designed to do"

Why would Republicans invent something that does all this bad stuff?

What would prove Capitalism does work?

I wonder what rational thought would look like?



As usual, a few puzzling factoids which are devoid of context. Somehow I doubt that Alinsky would have approved of all the Goldman Sach's criminals which Obama put into positions of authority. I doubt that Alinsky would push for TPP! Wake me up when Obama announces that he is returning to a demand side economy and pushes for an excess wealth tax; a tax which would impact upon less than 2/100ths of 1% of americans and save them from what the Pope has declared to be the sin of idolatry!

The con man

This guy should have been a used car salesman. The sad part is many conservative commentators and editorialists told us that this was his plan from the beginning. Why was he re-elected?

Health care was a 2008 Presidential election issue

The ACA is not some Trojan Horse designed to usher forth an age of American socialism.

Health care reform was a big issue in 2008 when the current President first ran. He had to stake a position on it, and when he got into office, he followed through on the position he staked and ended up drafting the ACA, which is now the law of the land.

To put forth that its all just some scheme Obama made up to destroy capitalism is ridiculous. This is exactly the type of paranoid partisan talk that turns off independent voters from voting against Democratic interests.

I don't buy that the liberals are socialist or communist

The liberals in America are capitalists who have a great deal of wealth. True they want bigger government, true they support a social safety net, but not true that they want to replace our capitalist system with anything close to communism or socialism. They want to fetter the capitalist system as a means of keeping excessive power and greed in check, but they don't do it out of a desire to destroy the system... they do it out of a desire to preserve the system, to preserve their own wealth and way of life.

As for Saul Alinsky, he is completely irrelevant to the liberals. His name is bandied about by Glenn Beck listeners and other conservatives, but it is quite obvious Alinsky is of little to no consequence to the modern Democratic party. Indeed, Alinsky influences far more conservative discussions these days than liberal ones. I don't understand why the conservatives spend so much time discussing somebody so irrelevant as Saul Alinsky.

You may indeed think the liberals are purveyors of socialism, and you are entitled to your opinion, but I think you are better off taking the liberals on for what they are, not for what they can be analogous to. You can take all references of communism and socialism away and you'd still have plenty of arguments to make against liberalism.


Thank you so much for today's rational posts. It's nice to see actual thought process, instead of name calling, ad hominem attacks, and strawman arguments. Keep on thinking, we're all the better for it.