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CHQ Exclusive: Rep. Tom Price Calls Battle For Wisconsin a Battle for All America

By Christopher Bedford | 3/2/11


Make no mistake about it—what happens in Wisconsin will affect everyone in the United States. That was the message to CHQ this afternoon from Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), former chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee.


“Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana—these are huge, huge battles,” declared the congressman, challenging the Tea Parties and activists to, “Get you folks involved on the ground!”


“What happens in Wisconsin, I believe, will set the tone for what happens in the other states and what happens here [in Washington, DC].”


“If we fail in Wisconsin—if he lose this battle in Wisconsin,” Price warned, “the next 18 months [for national conservative victories will] get much more difficult.”


To the Tea Partiers and conservative activists, he said: “The American people need to know that there are folks [here in Washington] fighting as hard as we can for freedom and liberty, and the Republican Study Committee does that.”


Price was not the only national figure to weigh in for conservatives. Earlier this week, the Republican Governors Association, launched a television ad standing behind the efforts of newly-elected Gov. Scott Walker.


Walker has been working over the past three weeks to reform the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions in Wisconsin to give voters more control. His attempt has inspired a leftist backlash against democracy unlike any seen in modern history, with Democratic lawmakers fleeing the state to avoid a vote, and union demonstrators from all over the country occupying the capitol building and demonstrating outside.


According to the Heritage Foundation, public employee unions give labor leaders a monopoly on the government’s workforce, negotiate over citizens' tax dollars (instead of earned profits) and, when striking, deprive citizens of essential services.


For these reasons, early union leaders such as the 1959 AFL-CIO Executive Council, and pro-labor presidents such as Franklin Delano Roosevelt, were strongly opposed to public employee unions. It wasn’t until after private sector unionization peaked in the 1950s that unions changed their tune.

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