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Poll: Who Were The Biggest Losers of 2013?

As a conservative, who would you say was the biggest loser of 2013 (besides Obama)?
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Biggest Loser

So many choices since the RNC is morphing into the DNC and there are too many Republican RINOs to choose from. Has to be Boehner but I would have also selected Rubio,McConnell,Ksrl Rove if I could.

Now read my message

John Boehner, like Neville Chamberlain, never learned that one must never, but never collaborate with an evil enemy.

All who believe they know it all, but really don’t, should take Hillsdale College’s free on-line courses, starting with Constitution 101 and work your way up through Econ.101. -- Support Hillsdale with money too.

Then study the true and complete history of WWII... all the while you are also fighting Common Core.

See: Common Core: Subversive Threat to Education:

PS: I still like Sarah.