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The GOP Civil War Is Coming To Your Next Primary Election

Rove, Lee, and Cruz
“It’s the Primaries, stupid!” is perhaps the most important political wisdom CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie has accumulated in over fifty years of being active in the conservative movement at the national level – and one that he never tires of repeating to conservative and Tea Party movement audiences around the country when he speaks. 

In 2009 and 2010 in the lead-up to the Tea Party wave it looked like conservatives had taken to heart that wisdom. But now it looks like the Washington – Wall Street Axis of Big Business and Big Government may be the ones focused on the most important elections on the 2014 calendar – the Republican primaries in key states, such as Texas.

Our friend Tony Lee has a great article posted on Breitbart about how the Empire is striking back in Texas by funding independent expenditures on behalf of pro-Big Government candidates in Republican Primaries.

Lee reports that “The Texas Future Business Alliance,” which is described as a "mix of 10 major business groups, including the chemical industry, bankers, builders and contractors," is reportedly "sending out mailers and providing other support on behalf of GOP candidates" who favor more government spending and want to take on the Tea Party.

Michael Quinn Sullivan, president of the fiscal-hawk group Empower Texans, said, according to Lee, “the Texas Future Business Alliance" is an "anti-Ted Cruz movement [that] is nothing but a group of big-money interests wanting taxpayer dollars to flow into their pockets." Designating them a "fake group," he also said they "want people who will vote for cronyism and corporate welfare.”

These “Astro Turf” organizations are typical of the Big Business consultant-driven tactics inspired by such professional political operatives as Karl Rove. A year ago Rove announced the “Conservative Victory Project,” which judging by its goals and Rove’s record of 22 losses to 9 wins in 2012, is neither conservative nor likely to lead to victories in 2014.

The US Chamber of Commerce, another major player and motivator of Big Government Republicanism has announced that it will spend $50 million in a project to advance the candidacies of Big Government candidates and to oppose candidates who identify as limited government constitutional conservatives.

What’s the lesson in all of this for limited government constitutional conservatives?

If it wasn’t clear before it should be clear now that there really is a civil war in the Republican Party, and it is a war of the GOP elites of Big Business and Big Government versus the grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives who are the base of the Republican Party.

It is time for grassroots conservatives to recognize that those Party leaders and elected officials who identify with Big Government Republicanism are not merely misguided people whom logical argument will convince to adhere to conservative principles. They are our political enemies who, due to their hypocrisy, are in some ways worse than the secular leftists of the Democratic Party. 

The Big Business – Big Government Axis of the Republican establishment has identified their political enemy, and it is us. It is time limited government constitutional conservatives recognized the threat and got serious about organizing a counterattack using our grassroots strength and their hypocrisy against them.

Click here to read Tony Lee's article "GOP ESTABLISHMENT'S WAR ON TEA PARTY COMES TO TEXAS."

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Let's take over the RINO Party

According to the unproved hypothesis of Six Degrees of Separation, everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world. The average number of acquaintances separating any two people in the United States is only 4.37. I am soliciting your help in making direct contact with Mr. Glenn Beck. If you know someone who knows how or knows someone who knows how to contact Mr. Beck, please forward this to them. David Givens E-mail: [email protected] 11 July 2013 Glenn Beck 1270 Avenue of the Americas 9th Floor New York NY 10020Dear Mr. Beck; Your country needs your help. If you are not the only person who can do this, you are the one who can do it best. If you get this, please drop an e-mail to the address above. Once I know you have seen it, I will stop sending it. If you want to let this country go into the toilet, FINE. I have e-mailed and snail mailed this to you several times with no response. 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He lost by 2.8 million votes. An estimated 4 million Republicans stayed home. If Gov. Sarah Palin had run, she would have won! By 2017: • Unless the Israeli Defense Force can stop her, Iran will have an arsenal of nuclear weapons which she will have used to destroy Israel and possibly a couple of cities in the U.S. or crippled us with an electromagnetic pulse attack. The United States will not have responded. • The U.S. will be a second-rate military power with a European-style socialist economy — if we are lucky! • The U.S. dollar will be next to valueless. • America will be finished! Obama can do all of this with executive orders! You can reverse this collapse! Get with the people mentioned above and other like-minded groups and take over the American political system. Select a Reaganesque presidential candidate. The best one on the scene right now is Gov. Sarah Palin — if you can persuade her to serve! If not, find a good-looking, charismatic, erudite governor or military general to represent us. Have your state and local Tea Party and allied group members find candidates for every other elective office. By the end of the Obama administration the word “Democrat” will be an obscenity. To many of us the Republican In Name Only Party is also a dirty word. I would rather be a member of a party called The American Patriot Party. A quick Google search discloses that there is a nascent American Patriot Party. I have no interest in it I just like the name — I am not a Democrat or a Republican I am an American Patriot. We can take it over or find a similar name. I briefly looked at their website. Most of it I think we agree with. What we don’t, we can change. A political party is, after all, a democracy. Invite all of the people on your and like-minded organizations’ mailing lists to become founding members with a donation of $whatever. If they do, send them a nice certificate. It will become a family heirloom! We should immediately begin educating the American public. If a Republican incumbent is willing to get with our program, he can join our party and sign a written pledge. He had better toe the line. Allow local chapters to select candidates for every elected office from Senator to school board member. All of our candidates will run both as American Patriots and as Republicans. They should all begin campaigning — educating the public – immediately. This will also include fund raising. I have some ideas on how to do this. Send me a direct e-mail address. During the midterm election each of our candidates will vie for the Republican nomination. If he gets it, he runs as the Republican and American Patriot candidate. Make sure the Republican Party understands that whether it nominates him or not he shall run. Most conservative Republican office holders will join. Some RINOs will too. We will probably beat both Democrats and RINOs in some midterm races and throw some to the Democrats. Fine, that will be a demonstration of power to the Republican Party. We can avoid losing the House if we want to. Although it may be fun to let the American people see what a mess an unrestrained Marxoid party can make in two years. That would make our victory overwhelming in 2016! But I recommend we ensure that we hold the house and if possible, take the Senate. Hopefully our victory in 2014 or 2016 will be overwhelming enough to amend the Constitution to forever keep socialism from our shores. Every Democrat and non-A.P. Republican should be primaried. For example put Cindy Sheehan up against Rep. Nancy Pelosi in a well-funded challenge! We can fund it, sub-rosa by asking all of our members to donate $5 or $10 to a political action committee that we set up and control. Create a really bitter primary campaign. I have some ideas about this too. Send me a direct e-mail address. Maybe we can damage Pelosi so badly that an A.P. Republican can win. If not, Sheehan would be better than Pelosi — at least she will not be Speaker! Another example; put an A.P. up against John Boehner in a well-funded primary challenge. Send the big cry baby home in tears! Beginning immediately and continuing through the next presidential election cycle, our candidate for President and our candidates for every other elective office run both as Republicans and as American Patriots. Make sure the Republicans understand that Republication nomination or not, our candidates are going to run for all elective offices. If the Republicans want to win they will nominate our candidates. No! we shall not allow Carl Rove to pick our candidates! When the Republicans nominate our candidates we subsume the Republican Party into the American Patriot Party, leaving all RINOs, professional Republican functionaries, consultants and hangers-on behind. For those with an emotional attachment to the G.O.P., we will keep the name but I would still rather be an American Patriot than a Republican. Any of our candidates the Republicans don’t nominate will run as American Patriots. In that case, most of the Republican grassroots voters will go with them. With a dead Democrat Party and an eviscerated Republican Party, we will win! Win or lose, the American Patriot Party continues to educate the American public, raise funds and run for office. I hope there is still time to save our country. Will you please help? Thank you and Best Regards David T. Givens, Ph.D.

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Is it over yet?

Civil War

By now, history has made it painfully obvious that the only way to permanently eliminate the stranglehold which these "vipers" have upon the system is to permanently eliminate their unfair advantage. A confiscatory wealth tax can serve as both a carrot and a stick to remind the "miscreants" that the constitution should not be ignored!