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Join Rush Limbaugh and CHQ: Demand The GOP Sign Our No Amnesty Pledge

Rush Limbaugh
A couple of days ago Rush Limbaugh outlined his version of how the Republican establishment plans to try to pull the wool over your eyes and pass a bill granting amnesty to illegal aliens.

Here are some key excerpts the transcript of Rush’s comments:

RUSH: "The Chamber of Commerce (i.e., representing American business interests) wants the workers. "We got to do this immigration thing. Demographics are destiny! We need those workers. We need seasonal workers. We need the workers at the top end. We want those workers." 

These are the money people. Chamber of Commerce members are often major donors to the Republican Party. They want immigration reform. They want amnesty.

Now, there's a problem Rush and we here at CHQ believe the establishment Republican leadership is trying to finesse:

RUSH: "The Republican leadership knows that their base doesn't want amnesty. So they're working on some things to get this done that would provide the workers but would not necessarily be amnesty. One of the things that is being talked about at the leadership level in the House is granting legal status to everybody that's here illegally without citizenship. We're not gonna make them citizens ,but we're gonna give them (essentially) green cards. We are going to legalize them for work."

RUSH CONTINUED: "Now, the Republican strategy for all of their immigration reform proposals -- the entire plan, their strategery -- is to wait until the filing deadline has passed to protect moderate incumbents. They are scared to death of Tea Party primary challenges, so the strategery here is to hold off on anything until after the filing deadline. Don't announce anything. Don't make it official. I mean, some things are leaking out and it's becoming known what they want to do. But nothing official."

No legislation actually will be advanced until after the filing deadline, and this is being done to protect incumbents -- and to that you are incumbents, they can vote for immigration reform without fear of a challenge from the Tea Party or the Republican base.

We think Rush is right, that’s why we have advanced the idea of a “No Amnesty Pledge” to be sent by grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives to their Representatives in Congress.

Here’s the CHQ “No Amnesty Pledge.”

“I (name of Representative or Senator) pledge to publicly and privately oppose any legislation that grants amnesty to illegal immigrants and to vote against any bill that grants amnesty to illegal immigrants should it come before Congress for a vote. I make this Pledge to support the rule of law and to preserve American exceptionalism.”

Now, here’s the most important part of this effort. You must contact your Representative immediately – today if possible – and demand that he or she sign the “No Amnesty Pledge.”

The House Republican leadership – particularly Representative Paul Ryan, Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor – are expected to rollout their amnesty bill during the House Republican retreat coming up the end of January 2014.

The House Republicans’ principle-free leadership thinks so little of you that they believe they can wait until after filing for the 2014 Republican primary elections closes to put forth and pass legislation granting amnesty to illegal aliens and you will simply forget about it come 2016.

Don’t let them get away with it. Click this link to send Congress a message. Demand that your Representative take the “No Amnesty Pledge” today to support the rule of law and to preserve what is left of American exceptionalism.

When you receive an answer from your Representative or Senator please let us know and we will add that name to our Honor Roll of No Amnesty Pledge signers or List of Shame of amnesty supporters as appropriate.

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