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From Our Big Surprise Department: Study Shows Religion Cuts Crime

Religious Commit Less Crimes
The UK's Daily Mail Online reports that a survey conducted by researchers from Britain’s Manchester University found a direct correlation between higher visits to religious places and lower crime figures, especially in relation to shoplifting, drug use and music piracy.

According to The Daily Mail’s report, the researchers believe this is because religion not only teaches people about “moral and behavioral norms,” but also spending time with like-minded people makes it less likely they'll get mixed up with the “wrong crowd.”

This will no doubt come as a great shock to those secular liberals who hold sway in America’s cultural elite and who seem almost unanimous in viewing religion as some quaint superstition or worse yet a source of hate and prejudice.

The researchers asked respondents about eight varying types of delinquency including littering, skipping school or work, using illegal drugs, fare dodging, shoplifting, music piracy, property damage and violence against the person.

Although the study found varying degrees of correlation between increased church visits and decreased crime rates, the most significant were seen in relation to shoplifting, the use of illegal drugs and music piracy. 

The researchers did not include more serious, high-level crimes because in the U.K. they “were too rare for the data to be able to show a significant pattern.”

PhD student Mark Littler from Manchester University led the project. The Daily Mail reports Littler analyzed the study’s finding this way: “This research implies that the act of visiting a place of worship may trigger a significant reduction in the likelihood of involvement in certain types of criminal and delinquent behavior.”

“In line with existing American research, my results suggest that it is the act of mixing with fellow believers that is important, regardless of whether this is via formal worship, involvement in faith-based social activities or simply through spending time with family and friends who share your faith.”

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