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Rebranding Common Core To Sell The Lie

Common Core Protesters
Florida has been ground zero in grassroots opposition to Common Core – somewhat surprisingly since former Governor Jeb Bush is one of Common Core’s most vocal supporters. This grassroots opposition has provoked a typical bureaucratic response from Florida’s education establishment.

Rather than abandoning the dumbing down of K-12 education that Common Core is producing the bureaucrats plan to simply rename the program.

Kathleen McGrory, writing for the Tampa Bay Times reports that Deputy Chancellor Mary Jane Tappen said during a Tuesday workshop on the freshly named "Florida Standards," "The proposed standards are truly our own." 

Anne Hyslop, a policy analyst with New America Foundation's Education Policy Program, has a somewhat different take reports McGrory, Noting that many of the proposed changes are minor.

"At their heart, the standards in Florida are still Common Core standards," said Hyslop adding: "The rebranding and messaging is largely political."

Naturally this “rebranding” was embraced with enthusiasm by Florida’s Republican establishment. "While the governor did not say that we are (formally) pulling out of Common Core or the federal mandates associated with them, he seems to have found a way to get around them," McGrory quotes Martin County Republican Committeeman Eric D. Miller writing in an email to other Republicans last week. "I cannot express my enthusiasm strongly enough for these outcomes."

But Randy Osborne, a political consultant and co-founder of Florida Stop Common Core Coalition, was not satisfied.

"Let's not just change the name," Osborne said. "We must pull out of it completely, get out of the system."

Citizen opponents of Common Core are not going to be satisfied with rebranding and name changes because their opposition is a direct response to the lies used to sell Common Core.

Ginni Thomas writing for the Daily Caller has posted a great interview with Terrence Moore, an assistant professor of history at Hillsdale College that goes straight to the heart of our opposition to Common Core.

Moore calls the Common Core standards a “federal takeover of education” that is “dangerous.”

You’ve seen the troubles with the national takeover of health care by Obamacare, he said, “but imagine the national takeover of the American minds and souls? That’s what Common Core is.”

“Because once you control the curriculum in the schools, then you can dictate what students are supposed to think and feel, and how they are supposed to look at the world.”

Please use this link to read Ginni Thomas’ interview with Hillsdale’s Terrence Moore, and view the video of Moore’s critique of Common Core.

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Common Core

Too late! The horse is long gone!

Common Core

As a parent of a home schooled, or

as a parent with a student in a private school, or

as a parent with a student in a public school, or

as a parent with a student in a economically deprived city or state, or

as a parent with a student entering college, or

as a college looking at new students:

shouldn't I care where others are, or where my student should be?

We already declare Mathematics and English are important as we test in these subjects and compare with others. What is wrong with declaring in advance what it is we are expecting for mastery?
 Just because a history instructor at hillsdale found a problem with a comment in the teacher's edition of a Core English text doesn't mean the core concept is defective.

Maybe Moore and the English teachers can improve upon the English book selection and lesson. This is not evil.

This Core has nothing to do with Communism or Socialism. 
This also is not driven by the Federal Government.

(I am a retired math, physics, computer teacher)

Common Core

Common Core is no more than a culmination of "Race to the Top", "No Child Left Behind", "School to Work", and "OBE". It is just a progressive ladder to One World Control. It is doubtful that the conservative movement in the US could ever even get control again of the legislative process to undo any of this garbage. I realized what was happening many years ago. There is a great correlation between Bible prophecy and current events. It just requires study. That is something is not taught or supported in the public school system today. I pulled my children out of the state school system 35 years ago. It was absolutely the best decision I ever made. If you really really care about your family, and country - get your children OUT!!!!