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Viguerie, Martin and Levin: The 'Boehner Must Go Caucus' Growing

Fire Boehner
CHQ’s Chairman Richard A. Viguerie said it the day after the disastrous 2012 election. Jenny Beth Martin, President and Co-Founder of the Tea Party Patriots is saying it. Now, bestselling author and talk radio powerhouse Mark Levin is saying what grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives have been thinking for a long time: John Boehner must go as Speaker of the House.

Tea Party Patriots launched a “fire Boehner” effort and blasted him after he and the House GOP leadership released their "immigration principles" for amnesty legislation, and the debt ceiling vote only added fuel to the fire. 

“A clean debt ceiling is a complete capitulation on the Speaker’s part and demonstrates that he has lost the ability to lead the House of Representatives, let alone his own party," Jenny Beth Martin said. "Speaker Boehner has failed in his duty to represent the people and as a result, it is time for him to go… Fire the Speaker.”

Levin, who had already termed the House Republican “leadership” team of Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy a “lost cause” after the announcement of their immigration “reform” principles, made the break complete on his Tuesday radio show after the Boehner-led House voted 221-201 vote to allow a so-called clean hike in the federal government's borrowing limit.

In a hard hitting monologue Levin said John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy are “the bankers for Barack Obama” and that the Speaker must be replaced. And most importantly, Levin defined the difference between conservatives and the Big Government Republicans of the ruling class, like Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy by observing that statist Republicans “seek sanctuary in government,” and in that they are no different than Democrats.

“Speaker John Boehner cannot be trusted to provide real leadership on immigration reform or the numerous other issues plaguing this country,” Jenny Beth Martin said. “The American people are tired of the way Washington works and deserve leaders that will take bold positions to set the country on the right course."

The capitulation of Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy on the debt ceiling is the death rattle of the establishment GOP.  Their record as the “leaders” of the disastrous 113th Congress signals conservatives that the battle in the civil war in the Republican Party has begun, and by winning that battle we have the opportunity to establish the GOP as the Party of limited government constitutional conservatism.

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