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Ron Paul: Stay Out of Ukraine

Cavuto and Ron Paul
Former Congressman Ron Paul got out in front of something that was beginning to be a fear lingering in the back of the minds of many Americans when he said the unrest in Kiev is a matter for the Ukrainian people to address, not the United States.

“The American people are very leery of getting involved in another squabble in some other country,” Paul told Fox News on Wednesday shortly after both sides of the conflict agreed to a truce after two days of violence resulted in 26 deaths. “I would be willing to wager most of the people in the Ukraine would like to see the United States stay out, and they’d like to see the Russians stay out.”

"I think talking and diplomacy is the answer here," the libertarian icon told Neil Cavuto on his Fox News program.

"We could use a lot more wavering," he said. "We could use a lot more discipline in trying to set a moral standard here at home, and taking care of our own business.

"I think the more procrastination, the better," Congressman Paul said.

Paul called for a coalition government in Ukraine, and said it should be formed without the involvement of the two superpowers.

"We've tried it for too long," he told Cavuto. "The American people are sick and tired of it — and we're also out of money." 

When Obama warned Ukraine that "there will be consequences" for violence if civilians are hurt or if the military becomes involved in a situation that civilians should resolve it sounded a lot like what he said a year ago about Syria. 

Coming on the heels of Obama’s attempt last year to circumvent the Constitution and begin another war in the Middle East in Syria and calls from the usual neo con suspects for more American involvement in Ukraine, and in Venezuela too, Paul’s remarks were a wake-up call and a call to action for those who don’t want to see an Obama-led foreign adventure in Eastern Europe or South America. 

To view Ron Paul’s interview with Neil Cavuto click here.

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"On the 100th Anniversary of World War 1, the Western powers are again sleepwalking into destructive conflict. Hegemonic ambition has Washington interfering in the internal affairs of Ukraine, but developments seem to be moving beyond Washington’s control.

Regime change in Ukraine for a mere $5 billion dollars would be a bargain compared to the massive sums squandered in Iraq ($3,000 billion), Afghanistan ($3,000 billion), Somalia, and Libya, or the money Washington is wasting murdering people with drones in Pakistan and Yemen, or the money Washington has spent supporting al Qaeda in Syria, or the massive sums Washington has wasted surrounding Iran with 40 military bases and several fleets in the Persian Gulf in an effort to terrorize Iran into submission.

So far, in Washington’s attempt at regime change in Ukraine large numbers of Americans are not being killed and maimed. Only Ukrainians are dying, all the better for Washington as the deaths are blamed on the Ukrainian government that the US has targeted for overthrow.

The problem with Washington’s plot to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine and install its minions is twofold: The chosen US puppets have lost control of the protests to armed radical elements with historical links to nazism, and Russia regards an EU/NATO takeover of Ukraine as a strategic threat to Russian independence.

Washington overlooked that the financially viable part of today’s Ukraine consists of historical Russian provinces in the east and south that the Soviet leadership merged into Ukraine in order to dilute the fascist elements in western Ukraine that fought for Adolf Hitler against the Soviet Union. It is these ultra-nationalist elements with nazi roots, not Washington’s chosen puppets, who are now in charge of the armed rebellion in Western Ukraine.

If the democratically elected Ukraine government is overthrown, the eastern and southern parts would rejoin Russia. The western part would be looted by Western bankers and corporations, and the NATO Ukraine bases would be targeted by Russian Iskander missiles.

It would be a defeat for Washington and their gullible Ukrainian dupes to see half of the country return to Russia. To save face, Washington might provoke a great power confrontation, which could be the end of all of us."


Ron Paul makes way too much sense. No hidden agenda.



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