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Ann Coulter Is Full Of It

Ann Coulter

The leaders of the Big Government Republican establishment are beginning to get desperate. They are finally starting to grasp that the limited government constitutional conservatives of the Tea Party movement and other liberty-minded voters now understand that the first, and most important, fights in the battle to restore America are the Republican primary elections.

In a desperate effort to hold on to power they have begun to deploy one of their oldest tactics in the 100-year civil war in the Republican Party – calls for Party unity to back Big Government Republican incumbents who have betrayed conservative principles and are rightly facing primary challenges.

Conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter whose incisive critiques of liberal policy follies and witty jibes at liberals and Democrats in general, make conservatism interesting and entertaining is only the latest in a long line of “conservatives” to get suckered into the idea that keeping establishment Republicans in power somehow advances the goal of governing America according to conservative principles.

It doesn’t and it never has.

"Of course, I love the Tea Party," Coulter said to Sean Hannity, but she limited the Tea Party movement to people in the "heart of America" who want to see change. She said Tea Party groups such as the Senate Conservatives Fund are just trying to bilk donors.

In other words, now that the Tea Party movement has grown politically sophisticated enough to adopt the tools that the establishment uses to stay in power, such as PACs, and the Senate Conservatives Fund PAC is being effective against incumbent Big Government establishment Republicans, Coulter wants to disarm the opposition.

But here’s where Ann Coulter is really full of it.

“If it weren’t for shysters running against establishment Republicans we would have 51 Republicans senators right now,” Coulter told Sean Hannity referring to the 2012 blow-ups of the Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock Senate campaigns. 

Coulter’s comment shows just what a deep draught of the establishment Kool-Aid she has taken and is indicative of how the Big Government Republican establishment is desperately trying to rewrite history to advance the idea that only establishment candidates can win and that conservatives should “unite” behind Republican candidates who have records of betraying conservative principles.

Akin and Mourdock weren’t first time rookie candidates; they were experienced Republican politicians with many campaigns under their belts. 

What’s more the comments that blew up their campaigns had nothing to do with the Tea Party’s limited government constitutional conservative agenda. They got suckered by the Democrats’ “war on women” strategy, put their foot in their mouth, were quickly abandoned by the GOP establishment despite conservative calls for Party unity, and consequently got beat.

As our friend Chris Chocola of the Club for Growth put it so well, “the question isn’t why Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock lost — we know why they lost,” said Chocola. “The question is really why did Heather Wilson in New Mexico, Rick Berg in North Dakota, Denny Rehberg in Montana, Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin, George Allen in Virginia and Linda Lingle in Hawaii — why did they lose?”

We could add Mitt Romney nationally and Connie Mack in Florida to Chocola’s list, but you get the point. 

The fact of the matter is that of the three Republican Senate victories in 2012; Nebraska’s Deb Fischer, Arizona’s Jeff Flake and Texas’ Ted Cruz all ran as Tea Party-oriented or anti-establishment candidates. 

There’s no evidence that running as a principled limited government constitutional conservative automatically made a candidate “unelectable” in 2012 and a whole lot of evidence that running as a Bush-type establishment Republican did make one “unelectable,” because despite the millions Karl Rove and his establishment Republican funders spent on them they all lost.

Tit-for-tat is a poor reason to do anything, so we will forego the opportunity to explore where exactly were the establishment calls for Republican Party unity in campaigns where the conservative won the primary, such as the Goldwater, Reagan and Cuccinelli campaigns, when the Republican establishment did everything they could to undermine the conservative candidate after the primary.

Calls for Republican “unity” and a free pass in the primary for incumbent establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Lamar Alexander, Pat Roberts and Thad Cochran will only accomplish one thing; keeping ineffective and unprincipled establishment Republicans in power. And anyone, including our friend Ann Coulter, who thinks that advances the cause of conservative governance is full of it.

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Establishment Republicans are good at playing the game with Conservatives. After Reagan was elected most went home and thought things would be better now but little did they realize that the Globalists and Neocons co-opted the Reagan presidency.

It started at the Convention when Reagan was going to choose Gerald Ford for his running mate. Kissinger was there too and they both wanted Reagan to have a CO-PRESIDENCY with Gerald Ford. Reagan said No !! He then chose Globalist Rockefeller Rino George H.W. Bush. Reagan wanted to unite the party and he did but as soon as he chose Bush it was over. The Globalists entered the White House and brought along their birds of a feather...the NEOCONS. NEOCONS are really Democrats except they are just as strong in Supporting Israel as Social Conservatives except most Neocons are atheists...they are not even good Jews. Former followers of Trotsky who was bankrolled by J.P.Morgan and Schiff family. Sailed from NY with Gold Bullion and was arrested in Canada but later released and allowed to re-board Kristianna ship to meet Lenin with millions in gold bullion to help finance Bolshevik revolution and overthrow Czar and kill family. This is their socialist legacy.

I believe Conservative should put Tea-Party people on Democrat side too when they primary Dems and Rinos...its a gamble that could pay off.

Of course, most people believe we need a political solution when in all actuallity the solution is a Spiritual Solution. God Exalts a nation of righteousness !!

pyrric victory

let us not divide our party and thereby allowing the hedonistic ,atheistic,abortionist democrats to again win control of senate in 2014 and presidency in 2016 -just so we can flex our muscles and yell like tarzan while winning some battles and losing the WAR ! if so millions of babies will continue being slaughtered in the womb from 2016 on if hilly gets in -let us all work together [we repbs are still the minority party] & we do need rino votes in the sen and house- in god's name work together as our creator Jesus would !


Ann Coulter is like other conservative talk show hosts, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Neal Bortz are all part of the problem. They make their millions but don't tell the real story so people really don't know the real problem. Unless we can inform the public of the real shadow government, David Rockefellers Council of Foreign Relations, the Bildebergers, and the Trilateral Commission and their plans for a one world government, we will not be able to save this country. Only Glenn Beck and Michael Savage will tell us the truth and only on a limited bases. That's why Glenn Beck is off the air. To get the whole story you have to read their books, which go into much more detail than their talk shows. Since the CFR owns the press they have to watch what they say. Without understanding the enemy and knowing who they are, we can never win the (political) war.

Glenn Beck is on the air

I don't know where you live, but Glenn Beck is on the radio where I live, and I listen to him on WAEB 790 AM in Allentown, PA. His Blaze network is also on my cable TV system, and you can listen to him live via various on-line radio stations (such as WAEB's, with which I have no affiliation other than as a listener).


I can always tell when I'm reading a comment from a registered Republican. They go down this road that the TEA Party Conservatives need to be put in a closet until election night and then they let them out to vote for the GOP guy. We were fooled twice by both Bushes. Conservatives were talked into believing they were small government guys. It was a lie.

Ann Coulter whose Bread is buttered by Northeast Corridor Crowd, has EXPOSED herself. She is out there carrying the GOP Membership Card blaming Sarah Palin and the TEA Party for the Republicans not being in control of the Senate. Another LIE.

What RINOS know, but will never admit is that Romney didn't lose the 2012 Election because of Bain Capital or anything the TEA Party candidates stated during the election. NO, Romney lost the election, because his campaign staff and Rinos from the GOP leadership spent more time attacking Sarah Palin and the TEA Party than going after Obama. I go to many Conservative sites, and I witnessed the ANGER (as others comment below) among Palin supporters and TEA Party supporters. If you follow the polls you will witness as I'm sure Romney did, that once the Republican Convention was over, Romney's goose was cooked.

I was SO tempted to not vote. As far as I'm concerned Sarah Palin is STILL the most popular person in the Republican Party (though she polls very low among its registered members), and to watch the GOP slam her day in and day out, including Foxnews I didn't want to vote. However, I promised myself I would give the Republican Party one more shot, because I liked Romney as a person, not that he would change anything. Unfortunately for Romney millions of Conservatives did stay home, particularly in Ohio. That is why he lost.

Registered Republicans need to understand that they make up only 30% of the voting block on the Political RIGHT. Conservatives make up 70%. Conserves are DONE!!!!! voting for an Established Republican. The comment below points to what Gingrich stated about Bain Capital (nobody cared), but did he witness two days after Gingrich won in South Carolina, Christie went on 'Meet The Press' and stated that Gingrich had embarrassed the Party. To go on the enemies show and trash who was once a great leader for the Party, tells me that I want no part of that Party. So for me, who has never not voted for a Republican for forty years, I’m telling you I will never vote for an Establishment Republican, no matter how hard FoxNews keeps telling us a certain guy is the favorite (when we know that is a LIE) ever again. If it means Hillary wins, then so be it. I've had it with the Establishment sources taking shots at Sarah Palin. Clearly that is who Coulter is suggesting is a shyster (because she has attack Palin numerous times) and BOR on his show this week. I'm done with the GOP.

I stopped listening to and reading Ann Coulter years ago

Ann Coulter is one of those individuals that are so swelled up with their own self importance that when they wald they only touch the ground every fifty feet.

I like Ann but,

Having a majority in the Senate is something all Republicans want, but what kind of Republicans do we want? How bad a memory do you have to have, not to remember the 109th Congress?

I like Ann but,

Having a majority in the Senate is something all Republicans want, but what kind of Republicans do we want? How bad a memory do you have to have, not to remember the 109th Congress?

Ann Coulter Is Full Of IT

The Republican establishment is the one that is full of it. And they are so full of it that you can't tell them from a Dimocrat. The primaries ARE going to be the battleground in the 2014 and 2016 elections and the average Republican voter to going to be heard loud and clear: NO MORE RINOs. Boehner, McCain, Cantor, Christie, Rubio, King, and others may as well pack their bags because they are all going to have new jobs by 2016. The American people are full of their betrayal and will let them know that at the polls.

Unity with Ann.

Reading the comments against Ann Coulter is like reading comments against Sarah Palin.
They are both conservatives with a long list of credentials. Why conservatives lost is totally dependent on the candidate and the district and constituents they are representing.
Foot in mouth disease reins with many of them. That is curtailed by proper vetting of the candidate.
Consider this. Joe Biden has the biggest foot in mouth history than anyone. Yet, he continues to get elected by his constituents. Why? He panders to their thoughts of what big government is to them.
I fully believe in primary elections and challenges. The issue is they need to have both parties at the polls.
In addition, campaigns are local. Take a look at Scott Walker from basically a blue state. He managed to fight off two impeachment challenges. Why because he provided the leadership and policies those in the state of Wisconsin wanted. He was able to articulate his agenda and platform.
That RP and TP was united in his support.
The battle has to stop between the RP & TP. Both need to if at all possible unite behind one candidate. That candidate needs to have accepted the RP platform which is not unlike the TP.
Yet,find a candidate that is electable.Democrats love the infighting between the TP & RP. It makes headlines and the press runs with it. So if your a voter and you constantly hear the RP is full of candidates no different than the DP. What incentive do voters have to vote?
The Democrats have a variety of special interest groups. One thing they do is unite for power and win elections. How is that working out for any even so called RHINO's or TP?
Ann is right. We cannot continue to have Don Quixote TP candidates if they are in districts which don't support what they may deem as extreme views.
So unite and get the candidate which holds true to the greatest amount of the RP platform.
Understand! There are only two parties. A third party has ALWAYS given the election to the Democrats.
Win the Senate with a united candidate. Vote them out the next time around. Get together and vet the candidate together based on platform and electability in that district.

Ann Coulter and election strategy

Please take my comments as constructive. I can hardly think of a genuine public policy issue on which I disagree wth Ann Coulter. I am pro-life, a deficit and tax hawk, a military strength hawk, a small govt. constitutionalist, etc. Of course, if I could magically replace some squishy GOP Congressmen and Senators with tougher conservatives, I would do so. But life is more complicated than that.

Your examples are not persuasive. IMHO, an important reason we lost was a failure to defend Bain Capital. It was Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry who called Romney a "vulture capitalist". So the "tea party" candidates were far from blameless. The Romney campaign did a terrible job of articulating what a proper bankruptcy for GM would have been. In general, tea party Republicans show little understanding of what capitalism really is. The worst consensus is the one which blames the financial crisis on "derivative products". Those are just contracts. Should we have the government be a party to EVERY private contract? My point is that there is little purity in any faction of the conservative cause. To claim that Boehnor, Cantor, McCain, et al are no different from Obama, Reid, amd Pelosi is just plain wrong. To pick one issue, if you REALLY care about protecting pre-born babies, then Ann is right. Elect Republicans first. Then sort out the legislative agenda. Or pick immigration reform. That is the top priority to defeat, not because it is more important than taxes and spending, but because it is irreversible. We can always cut taxes, but once you grant amnesty, that game is over. Permanently. For 5 years, the GOP establishment has gone along, perhaps reluctantly, but gone along with freezing immigration policy in hopes of a true Republican majority to deal with it. If Boehnor was as bad as he is portrayed, we would have 10 million new Democratic voters to make us a permanent minority. The Bush tax cuts remain largely intact. We had a sequester. Our one big loss was ObamaCare. But it took up two years of a filibuster proof Democratic majority. I'd say, defensive job well done to the GOP leadership.

Ann Coulter is a precious jewel in the contemporary conservative movement. Do you really think there is an electoral majority made up of voters who are more conservative than Ann? Let's save our rhetorical ammunition for the Democrats who want to conquer and enslave us. Second amendment induced bravado will not save us. If we have to compromise occasionally with a McCain or a Boehnor, we can still live as free men and women.

Anne Coulter

I agree with almost everything you said. Except your view that the immigrants would vote Democratic if legalized. I see the immigrants totally oposite. I see them as natural future Republicans. These people work for a living, almost all of them are faithful people, and they are ambitious & industrious. If they were legalized, they'd be paying taxes. They would be buying large ticked items such as houses, cars, trucks, insurance policies, etc, etc. If they were legalized, there would be a huge surge in our economy. I live in a community full of immigrants and they are all working. There a few who engage in crime but the overwhelming majority of them are hard working, industrious, and ambitious. They seem like natural Republicans to me. And unlike the Democrats, they are pro-America. Hateful remarks from the right, naturally cause some of them to not trust us and to shy away from us. I just don't understand all the rancor. Remember, you catch more flies with honey than vinigar.

Ann Coulter

I hate to say it, but she is correct. We are losing sight of the enemy - IT'S THE DEMOCRATS not the REPUBLICANS!! Let's take controll of the House and the Senate;then worry about purging a few RINOs if we think that will improve our position. We have got to stop Obama, not have an internal war and kill our chance.

Ann has gone astray

Ann's support for Christie threw me off her trail and this seals it. I suppose she just doesn't know, or want to know, what's going on. If she wants to be part of the establishment then she'd better get used to not selling any books. Is this what you want, Ann? Start making sense.


The republican establishment are a bunch of neo-cons one world govt. types
holding hands with the socialist democrates. Our Rep. party is now heavely inflitrated with these people just as the Democrates are. ONE PARTY SYSTEM
Being lead by the weakest Speaker of the House this country has ever seen. So I have to ask how can we stick togeter. The Conservatives truly want America back as our founding fathers made it and the neo-cons want a one world Govt and the U.N. leading the way.

Coulter Has Gone Clueless

If Ann Coulter really believes that the only way to win is to nominate RINOS and go along to get along with establishment moderates, then she has been drinking the DNC kool-aid for far too long and needs an awakening. Rush has for decades declared that when we run DNC Lite we lose but when we run true conservatives we win and how correct he has proven to be on this matter. After the failures of RINOS McCain and Romney, the last thing we need to do is destroy the party (and, by extension, the nation) through nominating another of the same in a Christie for three strikes to send the GOP into the ash heap of history. What a sorry end to the illustrious party of Lincoln and Reagan that would be, a tragedy to be prevented. We need a party resurgence through the nomination of a proven conservative next presidential cycle. Ted Cruz to become the first President of Hispanic descent in 2016 to the rescuing of the GOP and the American way of life!

No RINOS for Pres!

"... the last thing we need to do is destroy the party (and, by extension, the nation) through nominating another of the same in a Christie ..." or a Jeb Bush!!

Tea Party in name only

She first complained that romney was not electable when she back jonnie mcKainnedy, then she claimed romney was the only one that could win when the TEA Party was telling the republican party he was just another country club loser and to pick someone the People COULD VOTE FOR.

Now she's back proclaiming that only career criminal politicians can win.

She bet on two losers for President, and no she demands that the PEOPLE have to vote her way?

My wife, (maiden name Coulter) wishes she would shut up and stop embarassing the Name she is PROUD of.

Last night she compared her to mooshell as another person she can't stand to listen to.

I agree.

Full of it

Ann Coulters always been full of it. I don't know why anyone listens to her. Just look how she was sloppering all over Christie. She couldn't see what we drinking the TEA saw all along.