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Is Texas' Matt Beebe The Most Important State Rep Candidate In America?

Ted Cruz & Matt Beebe

The Texas Republican Primary election is tomorrow, Tuesday, March 4. The establishment Republican Speaker of the Texas House, Rep. Joe Straus, is facing a tough challenge from principled limited government constitutional conservative candidate Matt Beebe in Texas House District 121.

And that may just make Matt Beebe the most important State Representative candidate in America.

Straus has a record of pulling the rug out from under Texas legislators who pursue a conservative agenda in the Chamber he controls and he is particularly bad on state-level efforts to stop the flood of illegal aliens swamping Texas’ schools, hospitals and jails.

Straus recently told the San Antonio Express News that State level attempts to address illegal immigration problems are not “serious and effective”. Yet he’s “positive and optimistic” and has “reason to hope that Speaker Boehner, and Paul Ryan, and their leadership team will make serious progress on immigration reform.”

As Straus’ opponent Matt Beebe put it, “For those of you following along at home, this is the plan that we now understand to be essentially AMNESTY.”

Straus’s betrayals of conservative principles and his record of cutting insider deals as Speaker of the Texas House are bad enough, but what really makes Straus such a potent threat to the cause of conservative governance is his use of the power of his office to use legalized extortion to amass a war chest to support incumbents who play the game his way.

As Speaker of the House Straus is someone who can call upon the resources of a vast array of special interests to donate – or else – to his campaign committee and PAC. So far, according to reporting by David Saleh Rauf of the San Antonio Express News, Straus has pumped over $300,000 into the campaigns of candidates who support him and his crony-driven agenda.

Matt Beebe is an Air Force veteran and president of the small business he founded with his wife Nicole that currently employs nearly a dozen people. Matt and Nicole Beebe home school their two children and as members of the Alamo Heights United Methodist Church, where Matt has taught Sunday School for the Foundations young couples class, the Beebe family walks the walk of conservative values.

Joe Straus is the ultimate insider in the Texas state capitol, and a longtime antagonist of anything that smacks of the Tea Party movement or grassroots “We the People” power in government. Straus is wrong on policy in his support for amnesty and his claims to be a “conservative” and to take credit for Texas’ current economic success are laughable in the face of his cronyism and record of supporting big government.  

Matt Beebe is the kind of fresh, limited government constitutional conservative candidate Texans have been looking for to keep Texas one of the few places left in America where the embers of freedom still glow. What’s more, Beebe has the guts to take on Joe Straus, incumbent Big Government Republican Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, with a people-power campaign based on conservative values and holding his establishment Republican opponent to account for his betrayal of those values. That alone makes Matt Beebe a contender for most important State Rep. candidate in America.

To learn more about Matt Beebe and his campaign, including voting locations, click here.

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