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We Like Where Laura Ingraham Is Coming From

Laura Ingraham and Sen. Jeff Sessions

On Monday our good friend radio host Laura Ingraham said what a lot of grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives have been thinking; Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions ought to test the waters for a presidential campaign.

Ingraham’s comments came after she played segments of Sessions’ keynote address, given at the Tea Party Patriots' five-year anniversary event last Thursday evening.

As our friend Matt Boyle of Breitbart transcribed it, Laura said “Jeff Sessions, we need Sessions for President,” elaborating, she continued:

“Really, is there anyone out there who is better than Jeff Sessions on any of these issues? He’s great. I think someone like Sessions could probably attract Democrats, Hispanics who are here legally who are tired of these stupid trade agreements and who have had their own wages undercut by illegal immigration, African Americans, certainly I think a lot of Tea Party people. Sessions is one of the few people to actually say it like it is.”

Laura Ingraham is right, there are few people in Washington, and at the top levels of the Republican Party especially, “to actually say it like it is.”

Sessions has been one of the few voices in Republican politics to actively oppose amnesty, and to make the case in solid economic terms.

Senator Sessions has also been a tiger on spending and is rumored to be readying his own spending and budget reform package to be presented sometime this summer.

Matt Boyle outlined Sessions’ accomplishments in the Senate this way: “Sessions has been a fiscal force--using numbers, data, and analysis to push conservatism in a body where Republicans have had barely any luck winning battles against Democrats under Majority Leader Harry Reid’s leadership. An immigration hawk, Sessions also has helped fend off the political and business establishment’s efforts to grant amnesty to illegal aliens and massively increase legal immigration.”

But what we really like about Jeff Sessions is that he is one of the few top Republicans who actually gets where the fault line in American politics is today, and comes down on the right (correct) side of it.

“I believe the Republican Party needs to sever itself from this elite consensus,” Sessions said during his speech to the crowd at the Tea Party anniversary celebration. “We need to break it off. Wall Street, we love ya. Davos, hope you have a good time over there. But we’re going to be representing everyday Americans by the millions.” If there’s a better platform on which a Republican should run for President we’d like to hear it.

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Sessions was my write-in favorite

From an integrity standpoint I believe Senator Sessions is tha man. Some have said that he didn't always agree with Conservatives on some issues and I will admit I am ignorant about what issues some are talking about.

My problem with Ted Cruz is that he made some statements on the Senate floor stating that we need to up the numbers on legal immigration. Really?? This really disturbs me. Cruz appears to be a genuine Social Conservative but another thing that disturbs me is that Newt Gingrich campaigned for Cruz along with Sarah Palin. I am absolutely positive that Newt Gingrich is an establishment republican. He is a member of the Globalist CFR. For some Constitutional Conservatives this is enough to cast suspicion on Cruz. The question is this: Is Ted Cruz the controlled opposition? I used to like Sarah Palin but as of recently she has made a lot of money playing the mouth piece for the Tea Party. Originally, she was vetted by Bill Kristol and some other Neocons to be John McCains running mate. Amazingly, McCains campaigned sidelined her when it appeared she was the one who drew the crowds not McCain. The next question is this: Is Sarah Palin the controlled opposition?

Rand Paul is another candidate we have all have high hopes for but even Rand Paul has done some things that are questionable. He claims he supports Sen Mitch McConnell because McConnell asked him if he would. I will have to admit though that toward the end of Rand Paul's campaign that McConnell did support him once he won the partys nomination. Another thing is Rand Paul does not speak out on Nafta, TPP and even laughed when someone asked him about the U.S.Chamber of Commerce saying that if you think you will get tracktion speaking out against the chamber go ahead and try but that the u.s Chamber of Commerce is more popular than any one single candidate in Washington DC. As far as Unemployment Insurance is concerned, Paul seems to have no empathy with Americans who have been out of work for an extended timeframe. This really disturbs me. Also, Rand Paul never acknowledges God for anything. This really bothers me.

On the other hand Senator Sessions has been in Washington for a while. Some say that he should have spoken out earlier. I say, maybe Senator Sessions was duped like many other Conservatives into believing that illegal trade deals would create good jobs for Americans and that we should not consider protectionism like the Chinese do in order to protect American Jobs, futures and strength when it comes to Global trade.

I believe Sessions has the integrity, wisdom, experience and initiative to lead our country. I am going on my gut instinct. I hope he is a Christian and man of God. I believe this should be a first sign of authenticity for any candidate who we should consider to lead our country. Also, I hope he would not sell us out or be part of a controlled opposition.

Republican Presidential Candidates

I very seldom disagree with Laura Ingraham but I have to this time.
There are plenty of qualified conservative Senators and Congressmen that are great leaders.
The problem is all they have done is legislate. How many of them have been CEO's?
Many are lawyers and because this country is suppose to be run by laws. With the current administration that seems to be in jeopardy.
Seems like Eric Holder picks and chooses which laws to enforce.
The Republican Party needs to select a successful conservative State governor to be our Presidential candidate.
We need someone that has run a state not just an office.
There are several which to choose from. Scott Walker, Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, Rick Perry and others.
To veer from a governor is a mistake.
We have until 2016 to have this discussion. What we need is who is going to win the available senate seats in 2014.
That should be the headlines. Not who is going to run against Hillary. Her song was played in 2008 and she didn't make the ticket.

Sen. Sessions

Senator Sessions is great and I agree with Laura. I wished he would run for President.

executive office

What is Senator Sessions' executive experience?

It matters.