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Our Conservative Friend Jeff Bell Files For New Jersey Senate Seat

Jeff Bell vs. Cory Booker

Jeffrey Bell has announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for Senate in New Jersey. Bell won that nomination as a young man in 1978. An unknown, he engineered a historic defeat of the incumbent liberal Republican, Clifford Case. Even though Bell lost the general election to Bill Bradley, as Bill Kristol put it so well, his upset played a role in changing the character of the Republican Party and in paving the way for Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Kristol went on to praise Bell in a column in The Weekly Standard saying “Bell has had a fruitful career since then as a conservative activist and thinker. He didn’t have to choose to once again subject himself to the rigors of elective politics. But he did. As it happens, we suspect, contrary to conventional wisdom, that Bell has a chance—an outside chance—to defeat the overrated incumbent, Cory Booker. We think he has a good chance to help the overall conservative cause by running. The fact is, despite the long odds, Bell is back in the arena, trying to perform yet another service for his cause and for his country.”

Although he is best-known as a supply-sider who worked for Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp, we often cite Bell’s insight about the role of the social issues in building a winning Republican coalition, and they are worth repeating in the context of Bell’s Senate run.

Bell argues that social conservatism is uniquely American precisely because it’s an outgrowth of American exceptionalism. It exists here because our founding principles, centering on the belief that we receive equal rights from God rather than from government, remain popular among American voters—if not at elite institutions.

We have often quoted an incisive interview Bell gave to The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto: “Social issues were nonexistent in the period 1932 to 1964,” Bell observed. “The Republican Party won two presidential elections out of nine, and they had the Congress for all of four years in that entire period. . . When social issues came into the mix—I would date it from the 1968 election . . . the Republican Party won seven out of 11 (now 12) presidential elections.”

American social conservatism, Bell argues, derives from a branch of the Enlightenment that he analyzes as the “conservative enlightenment.” The ability of this optimistic belief system, which dominated the American founding and transformed the English-speaking world, to spread its natural-law-centered vision of democracy will affect the shape of politics in the decades ahead.

We are encouraged by Jeff Bell’s run and, like Bill Kristol, we expect him to punch way above his weight class in the match-up against incumbent Democrat Cory Booker. Jeff Bell in the race the New Jersey Senate race will be a far cry from Chris Christie’s content-free stand for nothing campaign. Bell will draw a real contrast between his conservative world view and the secular liberal world view of Booker and that’s just what is needed to build a winning grassroots campaign in a tough Democrat-heavy state like New Jersey. 

Click here to join us in supporting Jeff Bell and to learn more about how you can help Bell defeat secular liberal Democrat Cory Booker. 

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