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Which State Will The GOP Choose To Lose Next?

Choose the 2016 RNC Site

One of the more amusing booths at this year’s CPAC is the one run by the Republican National Committee that features a “pick the convention site” poll. 

Of course what grassroots Republicans, and especially the conservative and libertarian-leaning college students who make up the bulk of CPAC attendees think about where the Republican National Convention should be sited is the last thing on the minds of the GOP’s establishment Republican Chairman Reince Priebus and the rest of the “leaders” of the RNC.

They claim their interest lies in choosing a state that will be tipped into the Republican column for the 2016 presidential election, but the reality of the impact of hosting a Republican National Convention is exactly the opposite.

In 2012 the Republican National Convention was in Florida, and Mitt Romney lost Florida.
In 2008 the Republican National Convention was in Minnesota and John McCain lost Minnesota.
In 2004 the Republican National Convention was in New York and George W. Bush lost New York.
In 2000 the Republican National Convention was in Pennsylvania and George W. Bush lost Pennsylvania.
In 1996 the Republican National Convention was in California and Bob Dole lost California.
In 1992 the Republican National Convention was in Texas, and George H.W. Bush did win his adopted home state.

So of the past six Republican National Conventions the GOP has lost the host state five times.

Why is this?

Maybe it is because when voters get to see the Republican establishment up close they don’t much like what they see.

In his new book TAKEOVER, ConservativeHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie suggests that in many respects the Republican Party is like a business that has an exceptionally good product that is not selling because the sales people are not trusted. 

All too often the GOP is represented by guys who come across as scam artists with loud suits and bad toupees, who need a breath mint and whose sales pitch is not believed because they are obviously more interested in their commission than in serving the customer.

When the face of the GOP is not the scam artists of the Big Government Republican establishment the Party tends to do well, but seen up close, the arrogant insiders who run the RNC repel voters and send the host state into the Democrats’ column in the election.

The Republican National Convention is big business with millions of dollars at stake for favored vendors and insiders who are given lucrative contracts and six figure jobs to put it together – it has nothing to do with gaining an edge in the presidential election that year.

History tells us it is all about the money, not putting the host state in the Republican column in that presidential cycle, because hosting the Republican National Convention is one of the most reliable predictors that a state will vote against the Republican presidential nominee in the ensuing election. 

Eight U.S. cities are seriously interested in hosting the 2016 Republican National Convention, three of which are in Ohio. They are as follows: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. 

Which state should the Republican National Committee put in the Democratic column in 2016? Vote on the top right of our home page, in the Daily Debate section.

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