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Romney Strikes In Iowa GOP Senate Race

Clovis, Romney, Ernst

With the campaign of boat rocking limited government constitutional conservative Sam Clovis starting to jell it looked to many observers like the crowded Iowa Republican primary field was starting to sort itself out with a solid conservative as the leader.

Clovis is doing well in the debates and his years as one of Iowa’s leading talk radio hosts are beginning to tell as his communications skills far outpaced the less experienced communicators and establishment oriented candidates in the field. You can hear Sam Clovis online in this Tea Party Patriots interview.

Then came Mitt Romney.

Romney, who is looking more and more like US Chamber President Tom Donohue’s errand boy for this year’s mid-term elections suddenly popped into Iowa recently to endorse state Senator Joni Ernst for the Iowa Republican Senate nomination.

On the surface state Senator Ernst looks like a good candidate, having served in elected office in local and state government for the past ten years; but that’s the problem.

Ernst is a ranking member of the Education Standing Committee of the Iowa state senate, yet it took an Executive Order from Governor Terry Branstad to stop Common Core from stripping Iowa parents and taxpayers of control of their schools – as a legislator Ernst was MIA on stopping Common Core.

Joni Ernst’s record on spending is similar. Ernst has been in the legislature since 2010 and serves on the Appropriations Committee.

As the Public Interest Institute noted, the Fiscal Year 2013 year-end report on Iowa General Fund revenues shows that state government taxing and spending is at an all-time record high, and it keeps going up. The FY 2013 net appropriations were $6.413 billion, up over $450 million from FY 2012.

The Iowa state government budget has grown from $4.8 billion since 2005; this is an additional $1.5 billion per year of workers’ money, their hard-earned private property, that they no longer control thanks to politicians like state Senator Joni Ernst.

Who you walk with says a lot about who you are, and the fact that Mitt Romney has endorsed Joni Ernst should give every conservative cause for concern, but what really concerns us is Ernst’s association with the Iowa State House vampires like her statewide Finance Chairman David Oman, the Des Moines businessman who served as State Co-Chair of the Romney for President campaign in 2011-12.

In addition to serving as Romney’s Co-Chairman Oman is perhaps best known for his shameful association with the largest federal pork project in the state’s history, an indoor rain forest that never materialized despite receiving millions of dollars of taxpayer money.

A taxpayer funded indoor rain forest in Iowa? We could go on, but you get the point.

Joni Ernst may have many good personal qualities, but she isn't a boat rocker like Sam Clovis.

Ernst is a typical creature of state house and county court house politics who is perfectly happy to see spending and taxes go up and freedom erode as long as taxpayers don’t fight back. This is exactly the problem conservatives see with the present attitude of the establishment Republicans on Capitol Hill, and especially in the US Senate, and it won’t be fixed by handing Iowa’s Republican Senate nomination to a big government professional politician like Joni Ernst.

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It should now be painfully clear that Romney is firmly entrenched in the loser, GOP establishment!
While some may criticize the tenor of Ted Cruz using, the examples of, "Presidents' Dole, McCain and Romney, he was 100% on the money! The RNC/GOP have not nominated a conservative since Ronald Reagan.


You are correct. Romney is an establishment Republican, but he would have been better than what we have now. I was for Newt myself, but he got smeared like others in that race. They need to stick to the issues and let us do the picking.