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Club for Growth PAC Channels Viguerie: Endorses Dan Sullivan For U.S. Senate

Dan Sullivan

In his new book TAKEOVER, CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie argues that conservatives make no progress toward the goal of governing America according to conservative principles when they nominate and elect big government establishment Republicans – they merely slow the growth of government and the erosion of freedom ever so slightly.

Club for Growth President Chris Chocola said much the same thing in his recent endorsement of Dan Sullivan for the United States Senate in Alaska: 

“Liberal Democrat Senator Mark Begich has been a disaster in the United States Senate. He votes for the Obama agenda nearly every chance he gets, from ObamaCare to Obama’s failed stimulus, and he works with Harry Reid to stymie pro-growth policies from passing the Senate. But just replacing Mark Begich with another Republican is not enough – the next Republican Senate Majority must consist of the right kind of Republicans – Senators like Pat Toomey, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, Mike Lee, Tom Coburn, and Rand Paul. Chris McDaniel, Ben Sasse, Tom Cotton, and now Dan Sullivan in Alaska are the next generation of candidates needed to ensure not only a Republican Senate majority, but also a fiscally conservative majority within that majority.”

Sullivan, a former Alaska Attorney General and Natural Resources Commissioner, fits the model proposed by Chocola to a tee. Based on his record in Alaska, he will be ready on day one to fight for economic freedom and to deliver for America the kinds of pro-growth policies he’s already delivered for Alaska.

As Chocola noted in his endorsement, “Dan Sullivan is a fiscal conservative with a stellar track record in Alaska and we strongly endorse him for the United States Senate… Dan has fought for pro-growth tax reform, taken on ObamaCare in court, and beaten back federal overreach by Obama’s EPA. In the Senate, Dan Sullivan will continue the fight for economic freedom and we can’t wait to see him help deliver for America the kinds of pro-growth policies he’s already delivered for Alaska.”

Click here to pre-order Richard Viguerie’s TAKEOVER from Amazon.

Click here to learn more about Dan Sullivan and his campaign to be the next US Senator from Alaska.

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Unless Conservative HQ has been paid for this endorsement as an extension of a direct mail campaign, it is has been taken in by an establishment wolf in TEA party sheepskin.
Joe Miller was the right choice in 2010, until the Establishment helped Princess Murkowski reclaim her "daddy's seat" by a write-in campaign of questionable legality.
Joe Miller is the right choice in 2014, but the Establishment has put up Sullivan, and managed to persuade DC-based conservatives that Sullivan is a conservative - he is not.
At the other end of the spectrum, scam "TEA Party" groups were raising money off the specious idea of drafting Palin for Senate - a job which is too narrow in scope for her talents.

I urge the 'HQ to take another look at Miller, and reconsider.

Bad Choice

We really don't want to settle for so-called "fiscal" conservatives in order to save the country. The word "conservative" should not require a qualifier like "fiscal." Use of qualifiers like "fiscal" immediately raises suspicion. If there is any qualifier language to be placed ahead of the word conservative, then "constitutional" is the better option.

All RINOs consider themselves to be "fiscal" conservatives. They typically shy away from glaring "social" issues, allow their Democrat opponents to control all terms of any debate, and then quickly get creamed. Not a good idea.

We need total conservatives, like Ted Cruz, and Sarah Palin. Palin is not currently running in this race, so Joe Miller should be the one receiving the endorsement here, not Sullivan.

Where's Palin's endorsement?

Assuming that Palin is not running for Senate, in spite of some scam fundraising efforts by unconnected 3rd parties, the bigger question is why she wouldn't endorse Miller, who seems to be rock solid and very well informed - read his blog.

Time out

Um, Dan Sullivan is a liberal corporatist Republican. Look up who is bank rolling him. Lots of establishment critters. CFG is playing the fool here. Joe Miller is the one to support if you really care about the country.

Amen, brother

A big AMEN from NH, where we are battling our own DC-backed loser - Scott Brown