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Mike Lee Endorses Dan Bongino In MD 6 Congressional Race

Dan Bongino

A week or so ago we reviewed Dan Bongino’s book, Life Inside the Bubble and told you how you could help Dan in his campaign for Congress. Today Utah’s principled limited government constitutional conservative Senator Mike Lee has given Bongino his support in an endorsement that tells you pretty much everything else you need to know to support Dan’s campaign.

“Each election cycle produces a few candidates that we can truly get excited about: men and women who have exemplary leadership experience, a steadfast commitment to conservative principles, new, fresh solutions to today's challenges, unimpeachable character, and the willingness to fight the failed status quo,” said Senator Lee, and we couldn’t agree more.

Dan is running for Congress in Maryland and has dedicated his life to serving and protecting this country.  Dan first served as a New York police officer before spending more than a decade as a United States Secret Service special agent.  He has literally put his life on the line to protect our liberties, our values, and our shared beliefs.  And now he is asking us to help him take the next step to serve our country in the House of Representatives.

Lee, who has given endorsements in the House sparingly said, “I know Dan will represent the people's interest. He is a strong constitutional conservative who understands and respects the proper role of the federal government. He has experience fighting against the Washington establishment, while fighting for our positive, forward-moving, conservative reform agenda.”

As we said when we reviewed Bongino’s book, he is an idealist and a man of courage, passion and humanity who is one of the best spokesmen going for the passionate, freedom oriented conservatism that is reminiscent of the best of Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan.

Dan is a standout among a new generation of conservative leaders and we are proud to be part of the growing list of national conservatives to endorse him.  As Mike Less said of Dan Bongino, “He has spent his life helping our country.  Let's unite now to help Dan.”

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