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Boehner, Cantor and Legalized Corruption

Cantor and Boehner

The Main Street Partnership, the anti-Tea Party “Astroturf” group whose meeting at a Florida Ritz-Carlton Republican Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor will be attending this weekend, is an interesting scheduling choice for the two establishment Republican House leaders.

The Main Street Partnership is the Axis of Big Labor, Big Business, Big Government and all those who profit from it.

And let’s be clear – the argument between the TEA Party movement and former Congressman Steve LaTourette’s Main Street Partnership isn’t an argument over tactics or whether the GOP should be for spending a few dollars more or less on a given program – it is about preserving or abolishing a system of legalized corruption to which the Republican establishment and its allies have become addicted.

As CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie wrote in his new book TAKEOVER (due out April 8), the TEA Party movement and the establishment GOP are now engaged in a life or death struggle for the soul of the Republican Party because “As progressives, ‘me too’ Big Government Republicans have little or no way of positively differentiating themselves from Big Government Democrats. They long ago surrendered any claim to being the party of good government and joined, and then exceeded, the Democrats in their pay-to-play cronyism and special interest–driven corruption.”

And it is the system of legalized corruption that empowers Big Business, Big Labor and Big Government that the Main Street Partnership seeks to preserve. 

Cut through all the blue smoke and mirrors and the fight between the TEA Party movement and the old establishment GOP isn’t about tactics or the “purity” of one’s conservative principles – it is about preserving the current system of legalized corruption and the power and benefits that the DC establishment of both political parties have accumulated through it.

Dr. Danny de Gracia took a similar observation a step further in an article for Communities Digital News: a “key advantages of the Tea Party over other U.S. political movements” said de Gracia is that “a large number of its supporters believe social corruption is a key element in American decline. It is impossible to maintain a republic – that is, a nation of laws – without moral order. If a nation has no moral foundation, all of the institutions built on that social structure, however worthy, will collapse and shatter.” 

Dr. de Gracia went on to observe “More than anything else, evil is winning in the world today, and that cannot be vanquished or uprooted without righteous might. Violent crime, terrorism at home and abroad, and social upheaval are all symptoms of evil unchecked. The Tea Party’s greatest strength is its overwhelming desire to see America restored to sensibility, justice and accountability. These are unpopular values to have in politics, let alone in a corrupted society, but they are tough medicine necessary to ensure the survival of America’s place as a leader among nations. What is needed is not just “a different party” in office, but a different mindset towards America’s past, present and future.”

One should not hastily assume that the victory of Republicans in November will mean reform if there is no moral pressure to demand rollback of the last two decades of corruption, greed, entitlement and narcissism in Washington. 

As Viguerie wrote in TAKEOVER, “Too often we conservatives have gone to bed after a hard-fought campaign, such as the 2010 congressional elections, thinking our candidates had won and conservative governance was just over the horizon. However, even though our candidates defeated both the Democrats and Republican establishment candidates, the push for conservative governance stalled because the leadership of the Republican Party remained firmly in the hands of establishment insiders."

That means to end the establishment Republican Party’s addiction to legalized corruption limited-government constitutional conservatives must not only run in and win Republican primary elections; they must also defeat the vampire-like establishment leaders, such as Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who feed off it to maintain their power by running for and winning Republican Party leadership positions.

Click the link to read Dr. Danny de Gracia’s article “Why the Tea Party is essential to reform in 2014 and beyond.”

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Republican Establishment

This is why it is so important to convince the "Establishment" that they will continue to suffer more and more defeat so long as they ignore true conservatives. We do this by voting ONLY for true conservatives and refusing to vote for the lesser of two evils, i.e., Republicans or RINOs.
I would rather a Democrat win (whom I know I cannot trust) than a Republican (who will betray my trust). Vote for the Tea Party candidates!!!