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The Establishment’s Vile Attack on Conservative Curt Clawson

Curt Clawson


When we endorsed Curt Clawson in the Florida Congressional District 19 special election we did so in large measure because Clawson was the only candidate in the race who was actually talking about the issues and campaigning on the limited government constitutional conservative agenda and a Ronald Reagan – Jack Kemp style economic growth plan.

The other candidates, notably state Senator Lisabeth Benaquisto and former state Representative Paige Kreegel, in campaigns typical of small time career politicians, were pursuing the usual establishment Republican insider strategy of trashing their opponents without talking about the issues or actually committing themselves to the limited government constitutional conservative agenda.

Typical of these attacks was a Benaquisto mailer which made the charge that Clawson was responsible for the passage of ObamaCare or some such nonsense because he had once made a campaign contribution to a Democratic politician who later voted for the Affordable Care Act.

By that kind of “logic” one might just as well make the case that Ronald Reagan was responsible for the Pearl Harbor disaster that brought America into World War II because, after all, Reagan supported Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt for President. Indeed, Oscar-winner Dorothy Malone, Reagan’s co-star in the 1953 film “Law and Order” told People magazine Reagan “was an ardent Democrat back then."

Attacks claiming Curt Clawson (or any other outsider candidate) once supported a Democrat and is therefore somehow less qualified to be the Republican nominee for Congress than someone who supports the current Big Government loving Republican leadership is such nonsense that they do little more than show the complete intellectual bankruptcy of his opponents.

But an attack unanswered in today’s politics is an attack believed, which brings us to the latest attack on Clawson that rates as among the vilest and most morally and ethically bankrupt campaign tactics we’ve seen in our 38 years in politics.

Earlier this week in an extraordinary joint statement Curt Clawson’s three opponents attempted to tie him to convicted Utah sex offender Glen Borst.  Borst was convicted of attempted aggravated sexual abuse of a child in 2004, and lived for a period of time as a caretaker at a Saratoga Springs, Utah, home once owned by Clawson.

The two men knew each other from childhood Clawson said, but he didn’t learn of Borst’s criminal history until he was contacted by TV reporters about the connection last week.

The mother of the child victim, who one would think ought to be the focus of attention in a matter of this nature, has released a statement through the Clawson campaign saying that it is disgusting and shameful that the issue has been brought up as part of a political campaign.

We think it is more than “disgusting and shameful,” it is vile and beneath contempt.

We note that establishment Republicans Lizbeth Benacquisto, Michael Dreikorn and Paige Kreegel didn’t call for new laws or policies to prevent predators like Borst from preying on children. They didn’t advocate new rights or protections for the child victim or for action of any kind to prevent such tragedies in the future.

Their only contribution to the debate about what to do about child sexual abuse was to criticize Curt Clawson for having a vague childhood connection to an offender who lived and was convicted in a state half way across the country from where he was running a multi-billion dollar company.

This vile attack on Curt Clawson explains a lot about why Congress is held in such contempt by the American people; it is because too many contemptible people like Lizbeth Benacquisto, Michael Dreikorn and Paige Kreegel have been elected and serve there.

On a personal note, I was so outraged by this attack on Curt Clawson I immediately went to his website and made a contribution, you can do the same by clicking this link.

Click this link to read our original endorsement of Curt Clawson.

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