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Petition Supporting the Fight Against the BLM's Federal Land Grab

To: Texas Governor RIck Perry, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, and Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy

Keep Fighting the BLM's Federal Land Grab!
We the undersigned support your brave efforts to stop the overreaching Bureau of Land Management's wrong-headed imperialist land grab in Nevada and Texas.
The federal government has overstepped its authority in sending armed officers to the Bundy Ranch and Henderson Ranch.
Private property owners and liberty supporters salute your rightful stand against the BLM's tyrannical actions. 

IMPORTANT: Your name, address, and email address help us show conservative demands for action are real. However, providing your 'signature' and information more than once does not increase the impact of the petition. Want to make an impact? PLEASE SHARE THIS PETITION WITH YOUR FRIENDS, RELIGIOUS GROUPS, AND FAMILY! Thanks!