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Petition to Establish a Benghazi Select Committee

Pass H.Res 36 to Establish a Select Committee to Investigate the Benghazi Attacks Now!

To: Speaker of the House John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor
We the undersigned have had enough stalling on the investigation into the 2012 Benghazi Attacks and want real action now! We urge you to pass Rep. Frank Wolf's House Resolution 36, which establishes a select committee to investigate and report on the U.S. consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya.

It's appalling that, after Rep. Wolf's one-year-plus crusade to establish such a committee, you still haven't supported the bill and haven't done a thing to advance the investigation. 

Wolf's bill, H.Res. 36, has 190 GOP cosponsors—more than 80 percent of the House GOP conference. Stop blocking the creation of the select committee. The five Congressional committees currently investigating are NOT doing enough. It took the recent revelation of a non-profit organization, Judicial Watch, to discover the damning 'Benghazi Talking Points' documentation to bring attention to this scandal. That's more substantive action done in one day than the year-long "investigations" of five committees!

We agree with Rep. Frank Wolf: “In light of these new documents, it is more clear than ever that a House Select Committee is needed to conduct a comprehensive investigation unhindered by jurisdictional barriers, interview all key administration witnesses, including the White House staff identified in these e-mails, and hold public hearings to explain to the American people, once and for all, just what happened that night and in the days and weeks that followed." 
Pass H.Res 36 NOW!
Campaign has expired

We did it! This petition had a positive impact and John Boehner has now allowed for the creation of a select committee. Thanks for your support.

IMPORTANT: Your name, address, and email address help us show conservative demands for action are real. However, providing your 'signature' and information more than once does not increase the impact of the petition. Want to make an impact? PLEASE SHARE THIS PETITION WITH YOUR FRIENDS, RELIGIOUS GROUPS, AND FAMILY! Thanks!