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If You Care About Benghazi You Have To Watch This Video

Ted Cruz on Fox News

Sean Hannity’s Fox News program undoubtedly has a larger audience than C-SPAN, so many CHQ readers may have seen Senator Ted Cruz on Hannity last night recapping his epic debate takedown of Democrat Bob Menendez during which Cruz renewed his call for a joint congressional committee to investigate the Benghazi massacre. 

Cruz told Hannity that Democrats are blocking action on his bill because they claim there has already been enough investigation, even as they acknowledge they do not know basic facts about what happened on the evening of September 11, 2012 — which our friend Andrew C. McCarthy of NRO summarized as “like where the commander-in-chief was, what he was doing, whether he was sleeping, whether he took any meaningful action to rescue Americans who were under siege for hours after he was first informed of the attack.” 

Cruz’s segment on Hannity was good, but to really understand just how out to lunch the Democrats, in the person of Senator Menendez, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee really are, you have to see the C-SPAN video from the floor.

Click this link to view Senator Ted Cruz’s remarks on Benghazi and epic takedown of Democrat Bob Menendez

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