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Exposing Tea Party Express Co-Founder's Amnesty Ties

Sal Russo, John McCain, Paul Ryan

Sal Russo, co-founder of the Tea Party Express, announced his support for amnesty on Wednesday, reversing his organization’s statement from a year ago that it would not take a position on immigration reform. If you take a look at Russo’s background, this isn’t exactly the revelation that some in the media are making it out to be. What’s interesting, though, is the dichotomy between Russo’s position and the principles of the organization he helped to create.

The Tea Party Express bills itself as anti-establishment, but Russo’s immigration proposal is nearly identical to the principles pushed by GOP House Leaders -- John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Paul Ryan -- back in January. While most Conservatives scoffed at those principles, Russo warns that if they don’t act, immigration reform would take the shape of the “misty-eyed ideals of some of the liberal do-gooder reformers.” This is strange seeing that if you simply changed the byline of Russo’s op-ed in Roll Call to Sen. Chuck Schumer, no one would notice the difference.

Even though it’s buried in the second-to-last paragraph, Russo expresses his unequivocal support for amnesty (even though he doesn’t want you to call it that). He calls for the legalization of 11 million illegal aliens once they pay a penalty, pay their taxes, learn English, and undergo a background check. Contrary to many House Republicans, he doesn’t even block illegal aliens from eventual citizenship; instead, he says he opposes a “special path to citizenship that puts them in front of people who waited in line.” That’s a creative way of describing Schumer’s plan that creates a special path to citizenship after the 4 million foreign citizens waiting in line receive their green cards.

The Tea Party Express calls for a return to Constitutional principles, but Russo seemingly has no issue with rewarding illegal aliens whose first act in the United States was to defy the very document his organization fights to defend.

Another principle of the Tea Party Express is to restore American prosperity, which to many Americans likely means individual prosperity. But Russo joins the business elites, the GOP establishment, the Gang of Eight, Pres. Obama, and 99% of the Democrats in Congress by calling for increases in foreign worker visas. When scoring Schumer’s amnesty bill, the Congressional Budget Office found that its increases in foreign worker visas combined with amnesty would depress wages for American workers, increase unemployment, and reduce GDP per capita over time. Is that the kind of American prosperity that the Tea Party Express and Russo stand for?

The Associated Press called Russo’s comments “notable”, while other reporters wrote about the significance of his coming out party. But if one knows Sal Russo, this is really no surprise. In the 1980’s, he started a political consulting firm in California where he helped his “close friend” Jack Kemp during his 1988 presidential run. That’s the same Jack Kemp who advocated for both the 1986 and 2006 amnesty bills. It’s the same Jack Kemp who had Cesar Conda, Marco Rubio’s chief of staff, serve on the board of his think tank, Empower America, that employed Paul Ryan. If that’s not enough, Russo also consulted John McCain during his 2008 presidential run. Russo’s open-borders, pro-amnesty ties run far and wide.

If you visit the Tea Party Express’s website, you’ll see that they’ve just endorsed Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama in his re-election bid. Ironically, Sessions spoke with The Daily Caller earlier this week and argued against the very position that Russo is taking. Sessions called for fewer work visas and more enforcement, saying voters are “pleading with their political leaders to end the lawlessness in immigration, to create a policy that serves the national interest, and to protect them from excess labor flow that pulls down their wages and may cost them their job.”

Maybe Russo should start taking cues from a Senator that his organization actually endorses instead of Chuck Schumer.

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Isn't this the "Tea Party" group that was co-opted by RINO miscreant Dick Armey? Who would ever expect that the organization would turn out to be treasonous garbage after that happened?

Amnesty for illegals

I don't beleive Mr. Russo made any turn around on the issue of amnesty for the illegals. Rather, it was the Taxes Enough Already people who, for reasons i don't fully know, decided to add that to their agenda. Why haven't we added pro-life activism to the TEA Party agenda ? It was the TEA Party that 'changed' course. Actually, it was the TEA Party that added the anti amnesty agenda. The TEA Party turned on Mr. Russo.
I too, am an early supporter/volunteer for TEA Party's orriginal agenda of being taxed too much. I attented reallys and joined a local TEA Party organization. BTW, when i talk to members about amnesty, i am received in a not unwelcome way. They don't appear to have the anger and rancor expressed in TEA Party sites. When the TEA Party expands beyond its name sake, it brings about suspicions of many of its members thus causing a reduction in enthusiasm for the organization. Is overtaxation not the main agenda of the TEA Party any more ? When we were unified on this single issue, we were far more influential and stronger. By deversifying our agenda, we spread ourselves too thin.
I support amnesty for the illegals and have always done so. So, would you call this TEA Partier a traitor too. You see what i mean ? Perhaps you secretely wish to whittle down the anti taxation agenda while trying to maintain control of your supporters at the same time. What's your real agenda ? I beleive there's plenty of room in America for those who would be legalized. And, i also beleive they'd be a boon for our economy. They'd be buying large ticket items such as houses, trucks, cars, insurance policies, mechanized equipment, etc. etc. Besides, immigrants work hard, are faithful, are family oriented, pay sales taxes, pay lottery taxes, etc. etc. etc. This sounds pretty Republican to me. And, i beleive they'd become Republicans just as soon as they're added to the Fed and State tax rolls. Has the TEA Party become the new "No Irish Need Apply" party ? Is the problem with the Mexican that they're Mexican ?
Now, a little on 'Legal Immigration'. Legal immigration is largely good, but much of it is being used by multi national corporations as a lever to win permission to open new factories in countries such as Communist China, India, Indonessia, etc, etc,. And is being used in this manner as a quid-pro-quo to facilitate the de-industrialzation of America and thereby, ship million upon millions of MORE jobs there. Is this what The TEA Pary Wants. Why hasn't the TEA Party expressed any concerns about what's wrong with legal immigration ? This is the way it looks to me. And what about employers who hire the illegals in an effort to reduce their tax costs. Business shouldn't be taxes at all ! ! !. So, who's the real traitor ?

Russo's comments no surprise

Sal Russo "suddenly" stating his support for amnesty is like Santa Claus "suddenly" stating his support for Christmas -except that Santa Claus never pretended to be against it. Kemp + Russo + Conda + Rubio + Ryan = open borders, cheap labor,
endless waves of mass immigration and serial amnesties. Welcome to the New World Order.