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Which Amnesty Promise Will Eric Cantor Keep?

Just Say NO to Eric Cantor


Establishment Republican Eric Cantor, Virginia’s 7th District Representative and the House Majority Leader, has tried to be on both sides of the amnesty for illegal aliens issue.

But now that California Congressman Jeff Denham’s ENLIST Act is before the House Rules Committee (it is number 58 on this list) it looks like Cantor is going to finally have to decide which promise to keep.

Earlier this year Cantor backed California Republican Congressman Jeff Denham’s bill to allow illegal aliens to join the US military to gain citizenship.

Indeed less than a month ago, Cantor made a “pledge” to Denham to help him push the measure through, according to Rep. Buck McKeon, the powerful chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

At that time Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, the leading intellectual force opposing amnesty told Breitbart “We are now in a period of very large troop reductions. The last thing this nation should be doing is to provide those few slots to persons who illegally entered the United States or who overstayed their visas while denying young Americans the ability to serve their country.”

Sessions of course has it exactly right, but that didn’t seem to affect Cantor’s “pledge” to help Denham until voters in Cantor’s district decided to speak.

And they spoke in the most effective way possible; at the ballot box.

In a thorough rejection of Cantor’s establishment Republican political machine, conservative Fred Gruber defeated Cantor’s right-hand man Linwood Cobb and won election as Virginia’s 7th District Republican Chairman.

After that, as Hot Air’s Allahpundit put it, Cantor made a sudden switch and started saying maybe Denham’s amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) wasn’t the place for Denham’s bill after all.

A Cantor spokesman confirmed Friday that the legislation, known as the Enlist Act, will not be among those debated with the National Defense Authorization Act, an annual bill that sets policy for the Pentagon. California Rep. Jeff Denham, the Enlist Act’s chief sponsor, had pledged to bring it up as part of the floor battle over the defense bill.

“No proposed ENLIST amendments to NDAA will be made in order,” a Cantor spokesman, Doug Heye, said in an e-mail Friday. He did not elaborate immediately on the reasons.

So Cantor has now done a 180 and it appears he will block attempts to include a version of Denham’s ENLIST Act that would legalize young undocumented immigrants who serve in the military on the must-pass defense policy bill.

As CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie says in his new book TAKEOVER, if you want to govern America according to conservative principles, first take back your local Republican Party from the progressive establishment Republicans, like House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who have hijacked the Party and turned it into a vehicle to preserve their own personal power.

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Don't trust "Crazy Ivan" Cantor

During the Cold War, Soviet submarines used a tactic the US Navy termed "Crazy Ivan." When detected by our team, at the very last minute, the Soviet sub would do a 180 degree turn to "see" if they were being followed.

So here we have Eric Amnesty Cantor, who has been quietly and not so quietly doing everything in his power as Majority Leader to push for amnesties large and small, now checking to see if his pro-amnesty actions are being followed by his constituents.

So he does this "Crazy Ivan," by publicly announcing that he is withdrawing his support for Denham's reckless and pandering ENLIST act - another amnesty bill cloaked in the disguise of National Security which amounts to nothing more than another 'jobs Americans won't do" act - only this time the insinuation is that American citizens won't serve in the military and that illegal aliens are needed to fill the ranks! Utter rubbish!

What an ironic coincidence that Eric Cantor's middle name is actually Ivan. So, Eric "Crazy Ivan" Cantor announces his big turnabout on amnesty…until June 11th that is…the day after the Virginia Primary. If Cantor is re-elected we'll see another "Crazy Ivan" right back to his pro-amnesty true colors. Better to defeat him in the 7th district primary on June 10th.

Crazy Ivan

Bravo Zulu!