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It's the Primaries, Stupid! Vote Broun and Barr in Georgia's GOP Primary

Paul Broun and Bob Barr

CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie has a catchphrase he repeats to conservatives every chance he gets: It’s the Primaries, Stupid!

And the next big battle in this year’s Republican primary election season is taking place today in Georgia.

There are a number of important primary battles in the Peach State today, but the two in which we have taken a particular interest are the Georgia Republican nomination for US Senate, where CHQ has endorsed Paul Broun and the GA-11 Congressional race where we have endorsed Bob Barr.

CHQ urges a vote for Rep. Paul Broun, currently the Congressman representing Georgia’s 10th District, for the Georgia Republican Senate nomination because, unlike the other candidates in the race, Broun has been a consistent conservative voice in the US House of Representatives.

Conservatism is not a smorgasbord from which you can select a few convenient morsels, it is a coherent view of governance.

Georgia's Paul Broun has a record of holding that view and acting on it, his principle rivals, such as establishment Republicans Jack Kingston, businessman David Perdue and former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel do not.

The test that we urge our friends in Georgia to apply to this race is who will fight for that coherent conservative view of governance.

Kingston in particular may be a nice guy, but he’s one of the most reliable establishment Republican votes in Congress. Conservatives define conservatism by one’s adherence to and action on a set of principles, starting with keeping the federal government within strict constitutional limits, by that definition Jack Kingston, Karen Handel and David Perdue are not conservatives, Paul Broun is.

Our longtime friend and leading constitutional conservative, former Congressman Bob Barr is our choice in the Georgia District 11 congressional primary.

If he wins the primary and the possible run-off, Bob “The Bulldog” Barr will be reclaiming a seat in the House of Representatives – a probability feared by the DC establishment of both political parties.

It’s no secret that the DC Establishment, both Democrat and Republican, see the austere gentleman from Georgia as a political threat.

And they are right.

During his four terms in Congress, Bob challenged friends and foes alike on legislation rubber-stamped by most other Republicans, including many who claimed to be "conservatives."

Today’s Washington has very few leaders who are willing to intelligently address each issue on its own merit – and fewer have the courage to fight for a unique position.

Instead, the halls of Congress are filled with elected officials who fear the wrath of Karl Rove and John Boehner more than they fear the judgment of History.

We urge the voters Georgia’s US House District 11 to send Mr. Barr back to Washington. True, a vote for Barr means they will see no pork barrel benefits coming their way, however, with Bob Barr back in Congress the voters of Georgia District 11 will see a nation that is moving closer to the tenets of liberty rather than sprinting toward socialism.

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