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Don’t Be the GOP Establishment’s Cheap Date

Richard A Viguerie

Now that another round of Republican primaries have passed there will be a litany of pundits and party leaders coming forward to demand that conservatives line-up behind establishment primary winners like Mitch McConnell in Kentucky and Monica Wehby in Oregon.

However, many conservatives are going to be asking “What should I do now that Republicans have nominated an establishment candidate for Senator, Congress, etc. in my state?”

Our advice is, don’t be the Republican establishment’s cheap date.

The grassroots movement conservative voters who are powering this cycle’s outsider campaigns cannot be taken for granted. 

During the 2006 congressional elections conservatives looked at the Hastert Congress and its spending, earmarks and corruption and said, “What’s the difference?”

Some 4 million conservative voters stayed home, producing one of the greatest defeats for the Republican Party in the modern era.

Some conservatives were quick to endorse Mitt Romney once the nomination looked settled in 2012.  They got it exactly backwards – conservatives should not have rushed to embrace Romney; Romney should have rushed to embrace conservatives and their issues. Instead he ran a content-free resume campaign and lost decisively at the bottom of the worst economy in 80 years.

No one wants to stay home during this important election cycle, and we’re not advocating that; plus we’ve got important runoff elections to win, such as Bob Barr, Bob Johnson and Jody Hice in Georgia.

However, candidates like Jack Kingston, who will also be in the Georgia Senate runoff need to show conservatives they are willing to work for conservative support.

If candidates like Jack Kingston and Mitch McConnell want the support of grassroots conservatives and Tea Partiers the next six moves are up to them. 

So far there’s no new sign that McConnell will pursue the kind of fiscally sound, constitutionally conservative government that conservatives who voted for the other candidates in the race want, even though his opponent Matt Bevin and many of his leading supporters were quick to endorse McConnell after his victory.

During the campaign Senator McConnell sent every signal possible he wanted to get the nomination without owing conservatives or the Tea Party anything.

Before conservatives give their support to candidates like Mitch McConnell we must see concrete action.  We must see that McConnell will campaign as a conservative, and most importantly, lead the Senate as a conservative – anything less means that even if conservatives support him and Republicans win control of the Senate, we will have merely exchanged one set of Washington insiders for another in DC’s halls of power.

Second, if last night proved anything it proved conservatives must redouble their efforts to takeover the Republican Party.

Time after time during the Republican primary election cycle grassroots conservatives and Tea Partiers saw establishment Republican Party officials put their thumb on the scale to tip the balance in favor of establishment candidates.

The way certain flawed candidates, like Monica Wehby, were anointed shows the establishment Republican Party did everything possible to thwart grassroots conservative activists and keep the power to choose the Republican nominees in the hands of Party insiders.

To prevent this from happening again, and to build a Republican Party leadership that truly represents its conservative base, is the main reason I wrote my new book, TAKEOVER.

Tea Partiers and grassroots conservative activists must redouble their efforts to takeover the Republican Party.

This means running for positions in the Republican Party organization – starting with precinct committeeman or woman – and getting involved in the local Republican Party organization.  Getting on your local Party Committee is the only way to make sure that your Republican County Chairman, and your State and District Committeeman and Committeewoman, are conservatives who will not tilt the process in favor of establishment candidates.

Go to your state Republican Party’s website to find out how to become a member of your local Republican Party committee.  You will likely have to run for election in your precinct, but often no one files and the positions are filled by appointment by Party insiders.  To ensure that does not happen, when the last day for filing rolls around be prepared and submit your paperwork – if no one else files you will automatically become the precinct committee member for your precinct.

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Bevin has not endorsed McConnell

"So far there’s no new sign that McConnell will pursue the kind of fiscally sound, constitutionally conservative government that conservatives who voted for the other candidates in the race want, even though his opponent Matt Bevin and many of his leading supporters were quick to endorse McConnell after his victory."

I would like to correct your statement. Bevin has not endorsed McConnell. He endorsed the Republican platform but not the candidate.

As one of Bevin's supporters, I am quite disgusted with the type of campaign McConnell conducted. It was dishonest and certainly beneath the dignity of his office. McConnell has shown in this campaign what kind of person he is. I don't see how voting for someone of such low moral character can have a good result.

Right now, Alison Grimes is doing a much better job than McConnell of appealing to Bevin supporters. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.



Most of the RINO incumbents won or will win their place on the ballot. The media is ballyhooing the demise of the Tea Party and Conservative movement. LET’S SHOW THEM HOW WRONG THEY ARE!

Select a couple of “victorious” RINOs — I recommend Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. John Boehner. All of the conservative and libertarian groups should VERY PUBLICLY ask their members and the people on their mailing and e-mailing lists to support and vote for the DEMOCRAT in these races.

McConnell will be fired. Boehner might win reelection but he will get the scare of his life.

Use the results of these elections to demonstrate our strength and make RINOs toe the line. Then, at every election, fire a couple of RINO’s while protecting Republican majorities. Gradually, we can hound RINOs out of office.

no free votes

I'm through with blind support for the Republican. My ballots will have many blanks for all the candidates that I consider RINO. It makes no sense to give a vote to politicians that want to destroy me. I know the Dems want to destroy us, but now McConnell and his ilk want to 'crush' us. If they had any honor they would request that we not vote for them so they can prove they can win without Conservative votes.


Maybe Connelley's opponent should file as a write in candidate. If the Republican power structure wants to keep losing, then maybe we should help them.