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Viguerie: Conservatives Should Boycott the National Republican Senatorial Committee

Richard A. Viguerie

In the wake of the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s announcement that, after incumbent Senator Thad Cochran finished second in the Mississippi Republican primary, the NRSC is “all in for Thad” in the June 24 runoff Chairman and author Richard A. Viguerie is calling for a boycott of the Republican Party’s senate campaign committee.

“Conservatives should not feed the opposition,” said Viguerie. “Thad Cochran is emblematic of everything that is wrong with the DC version of the Republican Party. After Mississippi’s Republican voters rejected him it is unconscionable that the National Republican Senatorial Committee should attack Chris McDaniel, the top vote getter in the race to represent the Republican Party in November.”

“Conservatives should not give a dime to the National Republican Senatorial Committee or the Republican National Committee for that matter until they stop running an incumbent protection racket that supports Big Government candidates like Thad Cochran against the clear preference of the GOP’s grassroots voters,” declared Viguerie.

“As I documented in my new book TAKEOVER, Thad Cochran is one of the Senate’s least distinguished members,” Viguerie said. “He has spent 42 years in Washington grasping after pork, not leading on the conservative agenda.”

“In 2010, the year that the Tea Party swept Republicans back into the majority in the House on a platform of less spending and opposition to earmarks, Citizens Against Government Waste named Cochran the leading pork-seeker in the Senate because he had his name on 240 earmarked projects worth $490.2 million of our hard-earned dollars,” observed Viguerie.

“If Thad Cochran is the Republican nominee in November he will be virtually indistinguishable from the Democrat’s senate nominee, former Congressman Travis Childers,” concluded Viguerie. “Both are the kind of old time pork-barreling deal makers who brought this country to the verge of bankruptcy through their out of control spending, deficits and over $17 trillion in debt.”

Viguerie’s call for a boycott of the National Republican Senatorial Committee came after NRSC spokesman Brad Dayspring told NBC News "We are all in for Thad," and attacked state Senator Chris McDaniel, the top vote-getter in Mississippi's GOP Senate Primary.


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A Worthless Orgranization

The NRSC is more interested in protecting RINO incumbents in primaries than in defeating Democrats. In 2006 they spent $5 million helping Lincoln Chaffee - who has since switched to the Democratic Party - win his primary against a conservative only to lose to Sheldon Whitehead. Meanwhile, that $5 million could have saved Senate seats in Montana and Missouri that year, making the difference between the GOP controlling the Senate and Harry Reid being in charge. Not only is the NRSC bad for conservatives, but it's bad even for Republicans.

To hear that the NRSC is going to waste money on Thad Cochran when it's clear that Chris McDaniel can win the seat in November rather than saving that money to unseat vulnerable Democrats is not surprising, but it is appalling.

Boycott NRSC

Haven't given them a dime in years. I support the Senate Conservatives Fund.

Stop the establishment Republicans

Yes, I support the Senate Conservatives Fund also.

Not surprised

This is exactly what they did with Lisa Murkowski from Alaska.


"incumbent protection racket" is exactly right.