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The Bergdahl Trade’s Greatest Damage

Bergdahl and the Taliban 5

Much of the commentary about President Obama’s trade of apparent deserter Bowe Bergdahl for five hardened Islamist terrorists has focused on the potential damage the five will cause when they rejoin radical Islam’s jihad against the West.

But the damage those five individuals can do is dwarfed by the damage Obama has already done in making front page news out of Bowe Bergdahl and his strange identification with the enemy in Afghanistan.

In one short news cycle, hapless loser Bowe Bergdahl has replaced the clear-eyed patriot volunteers of our armed forces as the face of the US military in the world’s media.

And as Nathan Hodge of The Wall Street Journal noted, Bergdahl’s release has been a boon for the Taliban.

Shortly after the exchange, the group posted a video of the former Guantanamo detainees receiving a hero's welcome in Qatar.

Mullah Wakil Ahmad Muttawakil, the minister of foreign affairs in the Taliban regime that was ousted by the 2001 U.S.-led invasion, described the exchange as "an achievement for the Taliban" which gave the militant group a form of recognition.

What's more, Bergdahl's captors made it clear they were masters of their bewildered captive, and they will be masters of the rest of us in their own time.

Far from being on the run, as President Obama has often told us, Bergdahl’s jihadi captors came across as confident in their war against the West and contemptuous of Americans and American power in the region and the world.

As part of the Bergdahl story the media have been spoon-fed the line that Bergdahl’s apparent desertion in the face of the enemy was justified because America’s tactics in Afghanistan were brutal and led to the deaths of children – a storyline made to order to advance the jihadi propaganda that America is the oppressor in Afghanistan and of Muslims around the world.

As the media readily promotes the line that America is the oppressor, the misogynistic Hell that the Taliban made in Afghanistan and that other jihadis, such as Boko Haram in Nigeria, are fighting to establish is conveniently forgotten – replaced by Bergdahl’s strange identification with the enemy.

Yet, to Obama and his national security advisor Susan Rice, Bowe Bergdahl is a soldier who served with “with honor and distinction.”

Nothing illustrates the folly of Obama’s foreign policy better than his administration’s attempts to “reach out” to the radical Islamists of the Taliban in the hopes of negotiating a peaceful end to the civil war in Afghanistan.

The Taliban have no interest in “peace’ in the sense that at the conclusion of negotiations a stable political settlement based on the democratic principles of majority rule and rule of law will prevail.

And why would the Taliban want to negotiate with the U.S. anyway?  Their goal is not to gain political power in the remote country of Afghanistan, but to re-establish a base from which to prosecute a worldwide jihad against Western culture and values.  

A week ago our friend LTC Allen West posted a column on his website making the case that Obama’s decimation of our military and the poor treatment of our veterans was intended to discourage Americans from wanting to serve in the armed forces.

West was right, and if Obama and the Left have pursued policies intended to discourage Americans from wanting to serve, than calling Bowe Bergdahl a soldier who served “with honor and distinction” in Afghanistan can only be intended to discourage Americans from wanting to fight.

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