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Petition: Boycott the NRSC

Boycott the NRSC for Backing a Loser, Attacking a Conservative Winner!

To: NRSC Executive Director Rob Collins
Sen. Jerry Moran, NRSC Chairman
Sen. Rob Portman, NRSC Vice Chairman for Finance
Sen. Ted Cruz, NRSC Vice Chairman for Grassroots Outreach
The National Republican Senatorial Committee is a disgrace to conservative Republicans and should be boycotted. 

In the wake of the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s announcement that, after incumbent Senator Thad Cochran finished second in the Mississippi Republican primary, we the undersigned commit to boycotting the NRSC. 

Thad Cochran is emblematic of everything that is wrong with the DC version of the Republican Party. After Mississippi’s Republican voters rejected him it is unconscionable that the National Republican Senatorial Committee should attack Chris McDaniel, the top vote getter in the race to represent the Republican Party in November.

We conservatives won’t give one dime to the NRSC until it stops running an incumbent protection racket that supports Big Government candidates like Thad Cochran against the clear preference of the GOP’s grassroots voters.

Thad Cochran has spent 42 years in Washington grasping after pork -- not leading on the conservative agenda.
In 2010 Citizens Against Government Waste named Cochran the leading pork-seeker in the Senate because he had his name on 240 earmarked projects worth $490.2 million of our hard-earned dollars.

If Thad Cochran is the Republican nominee in November, he will be virtually indistinguishable from the Democrat’s senate nominee, former Congressman Travis Childers. Both are the kind of old time pork-barreling deal makers who brought this country to the verge of bankruptcy through their out of control spending, deficits and over $17 trillion in debt.

Stop protecting Big Government candidates and start backing candidates that support the conservative agenda that grassroots voters prefers.

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