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New Book: Holder is "Obama's Enforcer" of His Lawless Agenda

Obama's Enforcer Cover

A new book, Obama's Enforcer by John Fund, National Affairs Columnist for National Review Online and Hans von Spakovsky, Senior Legal Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, documents the lawlessness that has turned Eric Holder’s Justice Department into the enforcer of Obama's radical progressive agenda and in the process destroyed the credibility of America's top law enforcement agency. 

The book out today (June 10, 2014) is more than a catalog of Holder’s many transgressions against the rule of law. Hans von Spakovsky and John Fund make the case that Holder is the enforcer for a progressive gang spanning all agencies of the federal government. And that in his role as Obama’s enforcer Holder has successfully turned the Justice Department into a radicalized agency for Obama’s fundamental change by using his power to turn America away from post-racial possibilities and toward race-obsessed legal policies.

As our friend J. Christian Adams, a former DOJ attorney, observed in his review of Obama’s Enforcer, von Spakovsky and Fund have plowed new ground in exploring the roots of Holder’s radical views on race and that part of the book explains much about why Holder has bent the entire fabric of law enforcement in the United States to provide powerful help to radical racial interest groups.

However, if your primary interest is in the corruption and cronyism that have become policy in the Obama administration and in this area von Spakovsky and Fund also excel. 

Obama’s Enforcer details how, in the words of the Heritage Foundation, Holder and his agency protect the President's flank on numerous fronts, all the while actively advancing a hidden political agenda. Under the current regime, a new politically correct laxity has been injected into domestic security issues, an unprecedented expansion of politically correct actions have been initiated by the Civil Rights Division, widespread attacks have been launched on election integrity efforts, taxpayer funds have been funneled to political allies through collusive settlements, and much more. Obama's Enforcer provides an investigative look inside our country's largest law enforcement agency and examines the true and dangerous role it is playing.

As von Spakovsky and Fund document in Obama’s Enforcer, corruption and abuse of prosecutorial discretion will have an effect on the Department of Justice long after the election of 2016 mandates their replacement. The many cases in which judges have accused DOJ prosecutors of engaging in prosecutorial abuse during Holder’s tenure show, unfortunately, how this high-level corruption has also seeped into the lower levels of the Department. The political hiring into the civil service- protected career ranks that has gone on in parts of DOJ like the Civil Rights Division guarantees that radical ideologues will continue to trouble the Department long after Holder and his unethical, biased political appointee subordinates are gone. Most political appointees leave when an administration ends, but the appointees and political allies who have burrowed into career positions with Eric Holder’s help during the Obama administration will be there for decades.

Read a review of Obama’s Enforcer by former DOJ attorney and bestselling author J. Christian Adams HERE.

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