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Republican Leaders Are Boneless Wonders

GOP Has No Spine Political Cartoon

Britain’s great statesman and orator Winston Churchill once told the House of Commons that when he was a child he was taken to Barnum's Circus where the exhibit he most desired to see was that described as the "Boneless Wonder." “My parents decided that such a sight was too revolting and demoralising for my youthful eyes,” said Churchill, who then pointed to Prime Minister Ramsay McDonald and said, “'I have had to wait half a century to see the Boneless Wonder.”

Were Churchill alive today, and if his curiosity about the "Boneless Wonder" remained unsatisfied, he would need only to stop by the US Capitol’s ornate House Republican leadership offices to fulfill his youthful curiosity.

While defeating Eric Cantor will ensure that Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District will be represented by someone who is far truer to the Constitution than Cantor was, it hasn’t really resolved conservative concerns with the ineffective “Boneless Wonders” of the national leadership of the Republican Party.

What conservatives have been begging for since the 2010 Tea Party wave election brought Republicans back into the majority in the House are leaders who will clearly, passionately and articulately fight for conservative principles. 

Unfortunately, none of the House GOP leaders or candidates for leadership who have thus far put themselves forward after Cantor’s defeat fills that bill.

Remember back in 2009 when House Majority Whip, and presumptive frontrunner for Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy said, "We've gotta challenge them [Democrats] on every single bill"?

Since then, when have House Republicans coherently made the case for conservative policy solutions to any of the problems facing this country and then sustained a fight with Obama and the Democrats to make it happen?

Not on Cut, Cap and Balance. Not on defending the spending caps in the sequester. Not on raising taxes in the bill to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. Not on defunding or repealing and replacing Obamacare. Not on Obama’s repeated violations of the Constitution. 

As I pointed out in my new book TAKEOVER, Newt Gingrich did not always adhere to limited government constitutional principles, but however you may see Newt today, as he climbed the leadership ladder his great redeeming qualities as a leader were that he was articulate, an excellent strategist and a fierce partisan.

Newt would wake-up every morning thinking, “What are the four, five, six things I can do today to put the Democrats out of business?”

And then he’d actually go out and do them – it was in his DNA.

John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, Pete Sessions? 

Let’s get real. You never see them go toe-to-toe with Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid or President Obama.

Those guys are schmoozers and dealmakers, not articulate, passionate advocates for the conservative agenda, and even when they are right, they won’t fight.

Take an issue where our position is the majority opinion, and is at the very core of the conservative agenda, such as the right to life, you can’t find one of today’s House leaders leading. 

House Republican leaders have ceded the high ground in the liberal’s “War on Women” to the Democrats without a fight. Democrats are far from the mainstream of public opinion in their radical positions in favor of abortion for sex selection and support for late term and partial birth abortion, yet those monstrosities are never brought up. Democratic opposition to “Born Alive” legislation on the basis that a woman seeking an abortion has a right to a dead baby is never debated or discussed.  

In the aftermath of Clinton’s election in 1992, while gentlemanly deal-maker Bob Michel of Illinois remained House Minority Leader, the rest of the House Republican leadership team was made up of conservatives: Minority Whip Newt Gingrich, Chief Deputy Whip Robert Smith Walker, House Republican Conference Chairman Richard Armey and Conference Vice Chairman Bill McCollum.

They regularly fought for conservative principles, beat back Hillarycare and ushered-in the Contract with America Congress and a decade of progress on the conservative agenda.

In the House GOP leadership reorganization that will occur in the wake of Eric Cantor’s defeat conservatives don’t have to gain all the leadership positions to advance our agenda, although that would be nice. 

What we need, first and foremost, is at least one individual who is not a Boneless Wonder to gain a leadership position and who will, like Gingrich did as he was rising through the ranks, clearly and articulately fight for conservative principles and wake-up every morning thinking, “What are the four, five, six things I can do today to put the Democrats out of business?”

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