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A Must See Video from ThanksUSA


Thanks USA

High school test scores released by the federal government a month ago provide fresh evidence of a troubling theme in American education: Students seem to perform worse on tests as they advance through the public school system to higher grades.

And this seems especially true in history. A few years ago, only 32 percent of the eighth graders tested on the National Assessment of Educational Progress U.S. History exam completely answered that question. Only 9 percent of fourth graders could identify a photograph of Abraham Lincoln and state two reasons for his importance.

Part of the problem is that many in the education establishment tend to think that learning history is just memorizing facts and dates instead of acquiring a way of thinking about those dates and facts.

And thinking and organizing information about the Constitution and Bill of Rights is what "Con Rap" from ThanksUSA's co-founders Rachel and Kelsi Okun is all about.

“ConRap” celebrates the United States Constitution and honors the men and women of our Armed Forces and their families who uphold its timeless values – all using the rhyming cadence of rap music as a mnemonic device to help the listener remember and understand the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Skeptical that rapping can help kids learn about the Constitution? 

We were too until we watched the video. Now we can’t get the rhythm out of our heads and we laughed out loud at a couple of the clever rhymes Rachel and Kelsi came up with to drive the message. 

Watch the video and judge for yourself here

The Con Rap campaign began in May and runs through Constitution Day, September 17th. To help ThanksUSA reach its 2014 fundraising goal of $1.5 million, we hope you will tell your family, friends and employees to spread the video through social media: tweet it, post it on your Facebook page and like it on their website at

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