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The Fox and the Rabbit in Mississippi

Cochran and McDaniel

As CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie has often said, every day there are millions of races between foxes and rabbits – sometimes a fox will win, otherwise there would be no foxes, but most of the time the rabbit wins because while the fox is running for his lunch the rabbit is running for his life.  

In yesterday’s Mississippi Senate runoff the rabbits of the Republican establishment and the Haley Barbour political machine were running for their lives and, in a remarkable turnaround from the primary, where he came in second, Mississippi’s 36-year establishment incumbent Senator Thad Cochran won the runoff against Tea Party backed state Senator Chris McDaniel by some 6,400 votes.

Or did he?

Our friend Matthew Boyle of Breitbart reports that, “There were 24,889 votes cast in Hinds County in the runoff—17,927 were for Cochran and 6,962 were for McDaniel—but only 20,567 Republican voters are listed in Hinds County, according to the well-known Labels and Lists Voter Data Base. The extraordinarily high turnout in Hinds County is much more than what happened in Hinds County in the primary just a few weeks ago, when 16,640 total votes were cast—10,928 for Cochran and 5,621 for McDaniel.”

Hinds County, is a predominantly Democratic area of inner-city Jackson where a key Cochran ally already accused of engaging in suspicious activity on Cochran’s behalf. “I’ve never seen a Republican primary with that many voters in it in Hinds County,” said Democratic State Chairman Rickey Cole in an interview with Boyle.

The results in Hinds County remind us that Scott Greer of The Daily Caller reported on June 22 that “automated message appearing to target black Democrat voters in Mississippi, the female voice on the line claims that tea party challenger Chris McDaniel would lead to more obstruction in Washington and create more “disrespectful treatment” to the nation’s first African-American president.”

“The time has come to take a stand and say NO to the tea party,” Greer reports the message said. “NO to their obstruction. NO to their disrespectful treatment of the first African-American president.”

The robocall, which Greer reports was first obtained by freelance journalist Charles C. Johnson from a local resident, “goes on to urge listeners to go to the next polls Tuesday and vote against McDaniel. The only option in voting against McDaniel is to vote for incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran as they will be the only two names on the ballot.”

“If we do nothing, tea party candidate Chris McDaniel wins and causes even more problems for President Obama,” the message continues. “With your help we can stop this. Please commit to voting against tea party candidate Chris McDaniel next Tuesday and say NO to the tea party!”

Some election law experts, such as our friend former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams, have argued that it is technically illegal for voters affiliated with an opposing party to vote in another party’s primary in Mississippi.

Matt Boyle reports that McDaniel has vowed to investigate the irregularities to ensure the election laws of Mississippi were followed and that vote fraud or other irregularities did not throw the election to Cochran.

“As you know today, folks, there were literally dozens of irregularities reported all across this state,” McDaniel said. “You know why. You read the stories. You’re familiar with the problems that we have. Now it’s our job to make sure that the sanctity of the vote is upheld. Before this race ends, we have to be absolutely certain that the Republican primary was won by Republican voters. We will stand with courage, we will stand with judgment, we will stand with integrity. This is our fight conservatives. This is necessary. We are not prone to surrender, we Mississippians. A strong and sturdy people we are, a brave people we are, a people that can still lead the conservative revival in this country. We will lead the resurgence. That begins right here in Mississippi.”

With millions of dollars in consulting and lobbying business at stake and hundreds of millions of dollars in earmarks and appropriations on the line the Haley Barbour political machine and lobbyists like former Mississippi Senator and Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott were running for more than lunch, they and Cochran were running for their political and financial lives.

While some in the media are calling Cochran’s apparent win a rejection of the Tea Party movement it was nothing of the sort. It was, however, a reminder that, as the Tea Party movement matures, the grassroots activists that power the movement still have much to learn about playing hardball politics. 

If we are to win big races, like the Mississippi runoff, conservatives have to stop acting like foxes when it is the rabbits who are winning the race. Unless and until conservatives gain the same desperate will to win that the Barbour machine, the Cochran campaign and its allies at the National Republican Senatorial Campaign showed in Mississippi we are going to continue to be the establishment’s lunch.

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stupid! stupid! stupid!

The RINOS in D.C. would rather shoot themselves in the foot than loose their positions to a conservative based Tea Party candidate. How can they be so blind as to not see that the majority of the Americans are tired of politics as usual and want change. We are tired of big government; Democrats and Republicans alike share in the massive debt and poor economy that exists today. All these guys think about is themselves; their positions. Not the people that they have sworn to represent. It is their self interests being put before that of our country is what is sending us along the path of self destruction. Time for true conservatives to stop playing nice and start playing hardball. If there is one thing lacking in the cnservative movement it is the experience and moral character that prevents them from using dirty tactics to break into the Washington elite. A poorly informed public is helping the establishment to win and maintain control. The press is largely responsible for this disinformation portraying the Tea Party as racists. They need to be brought down for not doing their jobs by being impartial and reporting with accuracy, not with political influence. Isn't there some way to bring pressure on them and holding them resoinsible for doing their jobs honestly?


If these results stand, vote for the real Democrat. The difference is under six thousand votes so a recount will reveal at least six thousand Democrats who also voted in the Democrat primary so they were ineligible -- MCDANIEL WINS. Apparently, Democrats gave Thad Cochran the victory so he is the Democrat's second choice. If we are going to have a liberal Democrat representing Mississippi in the Senate, he may as well have a D after his name. Mississippi conservatives and Tea Partiers should vote for the Democrat Party's nominee, Travis Childers, in the general election. We will still take the Senate. Even if we didn’t, unless we get 66 seats, which we won’t, we will just have Obama vetoing bills rather than Reid. Cochran will be an unreliable partner at best. VOTE HIM OUT! We can elect Senator Chris McDaniel in 2020.

Tea Party Kamikazes

The Tea Party does a lot of good but also a lot of harm. A Tea Party candidate will never win at a national level. And just giving the White House to the Democrats is no way to get the changes this country needs so badly. Controlling just the states will get us no were. We have to work together. You shouldn't have to take a blood test to be Republican. There is room for Conservatives and Moderate Republicans. We need both to balance the party out. But when there is a Republican with a clear path to victory He should be supported not challenged by another Republican or Tea Party candidate. Remember what Todd Akin did to our party. Chris McDaniel had a very bright future in our party even with the loss. But by crying and b*tching like a kid who got his candy took away. He has thrown that bright future down the drain. Man up regroup and win the next election.