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Mississippi Update: McDaniel Not Going Down Without A Fight

McDaniel and Cochran

Last month, true conservatives won a huge victory in Virginia when Dave Brat ousted House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in one of the biggest upsets in political history. Conservatives in Virginia sent a clear message that Americans are tired of entrenched incumbents that bend to the will of President Obama.

Two weeks after Virginia’s primary, conservatives nationwide were robbed of a similar victory in Mississippi at the hands of well-funded liberal interest groups and even a Republican Super PAC who used leftist tactics to drive Democrat voters illegally to vote in a Republican primary runoff.

Thad Cochran's campaign used the race-baiting tactics of the Left to steal the runoff election by soliciting illegal votes from liberal Democrats.

But as Chris McDaniel told supporters in a recent email update, the Republican establishment overplayed their hand. McDaniel’s campaign team has uncovered evidence of voter fraud in Mississippi, and McDaniel is challenging the results of the election.

McDaniel has already found thousands of irregularities in the voting process. According to Mississippi state law, Democrats who voted in the Democratic primary cannot vote in the Republican runoff, and that is exactly what happened.

In our view the runoff election was a sham, plain and simple. Across the state, Democrats voted in the Republican primary to make sure that Thad Cochran could return to Washington to keep pushing for reckless spending.

According to campaign laws, Chris McDaniel is not allowed to use campaign funds to challenge the ruling of the election. That means that even if you contributed before, McDaniel cannot use that money as part of the legal challenge.

Our friend Matt Boyle of Breitbart, who has broken or nationalized key stories from the Mississippi GOP primary, reports that McDaniel has launched an “Election Integrity Challenge and Voter Fraud Reward” program asking grassroots donors to chip in $15 to the effort, which will give $1,000 cash rewards to Mississippians who deliver evidence that leads to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in voter fraud that may have helped Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) win in last week’s runoff.

“The most important issue here is maintaining the integrity of the electoral process here in Mississippi," McDaniel said in his statement announcing the reward. “These allegations of criminal behavior on behalf of the Cochran campaign are troubling, and any evidence of fraud will be turned over to the authorities to be investigated.”

The McDaniel campaign has launched a special website devoted to the effort, which asks grassroots donors to give small donations to fund the rewards.

We urge you to help Chris McDaniel and his “Election Integrity Challenge and Voter Fraud Reward” Program or to contribute directly to his legal defense fund through this link.

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