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Obama And His Allies Are Counting On You To Give Up


Many conservatives are looking at the headlines today and wondering if America is about to implode; thousands of illegal aliens are being ushered into our country by our own government while one in four American children are on food stamps, we have a President who regularly ignores the Constitution, our standing on the world stage has never been lower, and the existential threat of radical Islam seems to grow stronger every day.
Many Americans are just plain worn-out from all the political controversies, fights, arguments and counter arguments – they just want some peace and quiet and to turn on the TV and get some good news for a change.
And that’s exactly what Obama and his allies are counting on – particularly on the issue of “comprehensive immigration reform.”
They are counting on Republicans on Capitol Hill to get worn down and ready to “compromise” because they know that any “compromise” is going to move the ball in their direction.
That everything is subject to compromise is an interesting commentary on the liberal mind, but in reality there is much in everyday experience – and our national policies – that is not subject to compromise.
CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie likes to use the example of selling a house. If you want to buy my house and I want to sell we can compromise on a price, but if my house is not on the market there’s nothing to compromise about, there’s only a clear choice – to sell or not to sell.
Likewise when Congress debates spending cuts there is no compromise; either Congress votes to spend less or it spends more. Liberals can spin it all they want, but slowing the rate of growth never adds up to taking less from the taxpayers, so it is not a compromise, but a clear choice to spend more.

Same with border security -- either we secure the border or we don't -- there's no compromise. Spending more money doesn't make a secure border, only keeping illegal aliens out or capturing illegal crossers and immediately returning them to their home countries makes the border secure.
The great problem we face today – and a motivating force behind the Tea Party rebellion – is that the established institutions of American politics and culture all abhor making choices and thrive on insider compromises where everyone gets a piece of the taxpayer-funded pie.
In the past Republicans have been all too ready to give in to the establishment’s urgings to compromise for a piece of the pie and consequently Republicans, instead of offering clear choices to the voters, all too often became the Party of content-free candidates.
That changed in 2010 when Tea Party backed candidates for Congress largely superseded establishment Republicans and offered voters a clear choice.
Tea Party candidates stood for a constitutionally limited government in opposition to establishment candidates whose policies led to the economic stagnation and suffocating government being imposed upon this country by President Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress – overwhelmingly the voters chose the Tea Party candidates.
American committed to defending the rule of law and American exceptionalism made a nationwide statement over the weekend with their protests against the invasion of our southern border, and as we expected, their voices were largely ignored by the establishment media.
Yet, from California to New Hampshire protesters gathered to alert their fellow citizens to the danger posed by the invasion of our southern border – and to express their outrage at the Obama policies that encouraged it and that are allowing it to continue.
And we might add, to clearly and forcefully reject the open borders demands of Big Business and the US Chamber of Commerce.
President Obama and his fellow travelers in the establishment media have been doing their best to spin what’s happening on our southern border as a “humanitarian crisis.”
All too many Republicans on Capitol Hill are apparently being suckered by the spin – or are for open borders themselves and are all too happy to not waste a good crisis to get done what they wanted to do all along – “compromise” to pass an open borders and amnesty bill.
The only thing that can stop amnesty and the push for open borders is for the citizenry of this country to stay vigilant and untiring in their opposition to the destruction of American sovereignty and the dilution of American exceptionalism.
Obama and the open borders crowd are counting on you to tire of the fight. Conservatives must be unrelenting in their demand that Congress, specifically House Republicans, get serious about stopping the invasion of our southern border. They have the tools to do it, we must make sure they have the will.

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They can hold their breath till they die

We will not be worn down, in fact we actually long for the fight to begin. It will be a Cold Day in Hell when we surrender without the fight. I can almost taste the Blood.