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Jeb Bush Just Disqualified Himself For The Republican Nomination For President

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick, Vice President for Litigation at the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, yesterday published an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal that should, once and for all, disqualify Bush for the Republican nomination for President.
Titled “The Solution to Border Disorder,” Bush and Bolick claim that “the best antidote to illegal immigration is a functioning system of legal immigration” and they repeat the falsehood that Central American children entering the US illegally "are trying to escape horrific gang violence and dire conditions in their native countries,” before making the US Chamber of Commerce case for revising America’s immigration system to be “economically driven.” (link to the Bush-Bolick piece at the end of this article)
Current law already allows 1 million legal immigrants and 700,000 guest workers to enter the country each year.  With over a million legal immigrants slated to enter this country at a time when American workforce participation is at its lowest level in decades we are trying to figure out exactly what could be the economic rationale for allowing even the present level of legal immigration into this country.
If there’s a tech labor shortage in America, that requires bringing in more foreign labor, why is it that Microsoft has just announced the largest layoff in the company’s history?
On July 17, Microsoft announced that it will eliminate up to 18,000 jobs over the next year; about 12,500 professional and factory jobs will be cut. Microsoft did not detail exactly where the remaining jobs would be cut, but according to the UK’s Daily Mail, the company said the first wave of layoffs would affect 1,351 jobs in the Seattle area.
Alabama’s principled conservative Senator Jeff Sessions got it right when he wrote, “prominent amnesty advocates, including Mark Zuckerberg and top Obama administration officials, have argued that amnesty is a civil right. Mr. Zuckerberg’s motivation is not elusive. He heads a lobbying group representing many of his industry’s wealthiest CEOs, and their companies wish to extract generous guest-worker programs from Congress. Similar efforts are underway from other CEOs seeking new workers for everything from manufacturing to construction to restaurant jobs. Presumably, Mr. Zuckerberg believes it is more advantageous to frame the group’s lobbying as a civil-rights crusade than as a corporate crusade for lower-cost foreign labor.”
The drive for an amnesty bill is being supported by numerous billionaires, and Big Business CEOs, including New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Fox News’ Rupert Murdoch and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.
And as The Daily Caller's White House correspondent Neil Munro documented, "Since 2007, progressive and business groups have spent more than $1.5 billion on advocacy and lobbying to pass an immigration bill, despite massive unemployment, stalled salaries and negative polls.”
The goal of all this Big business spending and influence peddling is quite simple: Hold American wages down to increase shareholder value.
As Munro noted, the Senate’s Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration bill (which Bush and Bolick supported in a previous Wall Street Journal op-ed) would expand legal immigration and open America’s borders to some 30 million additional legal immigrants, plus millions of temporary guest workers, over the next decade.
“That influx would import roughly one immigrant or guest-worker for every American aged 11 to 21, or one immigrant for every American teenager in 2012,” says Munro.
CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie said it best in his new book TAKEOVER: “No matter who else gets in the Republican presidential primaries, Jeb Bush will remain the ‘great white hope’ of the Republican establishment.”
In addition to supporting all of the major policy goals of Big Business from Common Core to amnesty for illegal aliens, a Bush candidacy also holds out the hope of millions of dollars in consulting business and lucrative lobbying contracts for a small but powerful coterie of Bush family supporters and acolytes. No one else in America, save Hillary Clinton, starts the 2016 political season with a larger Rolodex of Washington insider supporters than does Jeb Bush. A Jeb Bush election as President would ensure that the Republican establishment stays in power for at least another decade, and it would also ensure that, no matter if Jeb or the Democrat wins, the Bigs – Big Business and Big Government – will prevail.
If you are the parent or grandparent of a child who will be entering the workforce in the next decade you owe it to your children and grandchildren to oppose Jeb Bush if he runs for President.

Click the link to go to “The Solution to Border Disorder" in The Wall Street Journal.

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Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush is another member of the Harvard Club. They have dominated American presidents for decades. One exception was Ronald Regan. Bush is another RINO and will carry on the destructive policies that the current "feral president" is determined to complete.


The goal is not just to hold down our wages. The goal is the NWO/North American Union. The whole world as serfs. The Goldwater institute? He would turn over in his grave. Goldwater called these scumbags out. Google "Treasonous Agenda of the CFR" and click on the link to Goldwater writings.

"In 1962, Nelson Rockefeller, in a lecture at Harvard University on the interdependence of nations in the modern world, said: "And so the nation-state, standing alone, threatens in many ways to seem as anachronistic as the Greek city-state eventually became in ancient times."

"Everything he said was true. We are dependent on other nations for raw materials and for markets. It is necessary to have defense alliances with other nations in order to balance the military power of those who would destroy us.


I don't believe Goldwater would be happy to see the globalists using his name to further their one world gov agenda.

Jeb is 2nd generation globalist like W. He was supposed to be the heir apparent and W stole the crown.