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Petition to Boehner: No New Money For Illegals

John Boehner, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Stop New Federal Spending on Illegal Aliens!


We fervently urge you to force the Obama administration to stabilize the border with the resources it already has through existing immigration laws.

It is not prudent to give this administration a penny more, especially when it has been reallocating funds away from border security, misusing asylum laws and refugee programs to benefit illegal aliens, and jeopardizing the American people through the growing homeland security and public health threats this surge at the border is creating.

The crisis at our southern border is happening for three primary reasons:

1. The Obama administration, many in Congress, and certain advocacy groups have signaled loud and clear that more mass amnesty is coming.
2. The administration has refused to enforce many of our immigration laws.
3. Wholesale administrative amnesty in the last two years indicated to many that the U.S. border is a doormat.

Our country now faces a spike in illegal immigration. While widespread perception is that the most recent wave is primarily made up of unaccompanied children escaping rampant violence, the truth is that only about 20 percent of these foreign border crossers are unaccompanied children, and someone has paid a smuggler to bring them here. The administration has taken no steps to quickly remove the other 80 percent.

Further, the administration refuses to detain, process, and promptly remove these illegal aliens. Instead, millions and millions of taxpayer dollars are spent transporting them into the U.S. interior. In many cases, the government is facilitating the movement of illegal alien children to join illegal alien relatives already in the U.S. — at taxpayer expense. This is an injustice and an affront to those who honored our laws in their pursuit of permanent legal residence.

The president has requested $3.7 billion, ostensibly to deal with this situation, but most of the request would go toward government services and very little toward enforcement. Moreover, this administration has shown nothing but contempt for immigration enforcement and the rule of law. It is past time to demand the faithful execution of our immigration laws, which should precede any appropriation or legislation.

We urge Congress to hold the administration accountable for creating this crisis, in the following ways:

• No emergency supplemental appropriation: The fiscal year is nearly over, and any needs the administration has for dealing with the surge of illegal border crossers should only be handled through regular order.

• No new laws: President Obama has more than sufficient tools to address the current border situation. The Immigration and Nationality Act has many underutilized enforcement measures, including expedited removal, mandatory detention, immigration benefits fraud, immigration emergency declaration, the Secure Fence Act of 2006, and the 287(g) program. Adequate enforcement of existing laws will produce tangible results. The 2008 Trafficking Victims Protection Act needs to be amended, but there is no way that will happen now, given the White House’s and Sen. Harry Reid’s stated opposition. With unaccompanied minors only one fifth of the problem, that isn’t an imperative step.

• Hold the source countries responsible: The countries whose people are illegally crossing our border should face consequences for their complicity in this travesty. Immediately withhold U.S. aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, as well as Mexico, which is facilitating the transit of Central American nationals across its expanse. Aid should not go to any of these nations until they stop the outflow and repatriate their nationals.

• Insist on lawful asylum claims: The Geneva Convention requires that asylum seekers apply in the first safe country they come to. But instead of applying in Mexico, they have, with the assistance of Mexico, crossed Mexico to the U.S. border. Therefore, President Obama must deny asylum claims from any Central American who failed to seek protection from Mexico and must return them to their home country.

We stand ready to support you in standing up to the Obama administration and in refusing to accept less than ending this crisis by restoring law and order. Until this administration demonstrates a sincere effort to uphold existing law and to stop issuing administrative amnesties, Congress should withhold any further money or legislation.

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