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Run Laura Run

Laura Ingraham

There’s some strange irony in the fact that a British newspaper, The Sunday Times, and Toby Harnden, the paper’s well regarded Washington bureau chief, just broke what could be the most important political story of this cycle – Laura Ingraham is thinking about running for political office.
We don’t care what the office or district. We say “Run Laura Run!”
Harnden interviewed Laura at a rally for limited government constitutional conservative Joe Carr, who is challenging incumbent establishment Republican (and amnesty supporter) Senator Lamar Alexander for the Tennessee Republican Senate nomination.
Carr, whom we endorsed long ago, is surging in his challenge to Alexander, and Laura Ingraham was in the state to promote his candidacy and rally the troops much as she did for Dave Brat’s insurgent campaign against Eric Cantor in Virginia.
Ingraham gave Joe Carr a great boost at the rally and set up the best argument we can think of for supporting Carr’s candidacy: President Barack Obama is "fomenting a crisis at our border that seeks to undermine the very fabric of American rule of law, our sovereignty, our national identity,” and we need Joe Carr to do what Lamar Alexander won’t do – work to defeat the President’s policies.
Or as Joe Carr put it, "if you expect me to go to Washington DC and hold hands around the campfire, roast marshmallows and sing Kumbaya, you’re sending the wrong guy — I’m going up there to start a fight".
In Harnden’s telling, Laura’s most withering contempt was aimed at her own party’s establishment — the "good old boys" and "go along to get along Republican politicians doing backroom backslapping" with Democrats, being as eff­ective as "beige wallpaper".
Ingraham told The Sunday Times accusations of racism were a sign of panic among her opponents. "I stand a lot more for the suffering of the American people of every colour or background than they can ever claim to.”
"Plus," she said, "the last time I checked, I had three children living in my home from pretty difficult backgrounds, one adopted from Guatemala and two from Russia. I don't wear that on my sleeve but, OK, I don't like Latino people? It's ridiculous. I cared enough about the region to rescue someone who was abandoned there."
Explaining the Joe Carr surge, and her own growing support, Ingraham said, "There are Tea Party elements but it has kind of an independent, anti-corporatist streak, a populist strain running through it. There's a younger sensibility too."
Republican grandees were foolish to believe that allowing illegal immigrants to stay was a way to attract new voters, she added: "You make real headway in the Latino, black and immigrant communities not by selling a policy that would lower their wages and burden their communities, but by economic rejuvenation. You have to be unafraid to say these things."
Ingraham hinted to Harnden that her forays into Republican primary races this year could be the foundation for a political career of her own. "I've been approached by various people to get involved," she said. "I'm keeping an open mind about running for office in the future."
As we said at the top of this article: Run Laura Run! SIGN OUR PETITION URGING LAURA INGRAHAM TO RUN FOR OFFICE!

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