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House GOP Leaders' Plan Is Amnesty And We Can Prove It

John Boehner

It looks like the ghost of Eric Cantor still haunts the House Republican leadership as conservatives sound the alarm about the latest plan to pass an amnesty for illegal aliens hidden in the leadership border funding bill.

Cantor drew conservative ire on a number of occasions for the tactic of appearing to give Members who were reluctant to support a leadership cave-in an opportunity to vote on a conservative alternative, only to make that alternative meaningless.

Think about the “deem and pass” budget plan Cantor cooked-up with Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions to make it look like Republicans were doing something to defund Obamacare.

Think about the plan to “split” the Farm Bill, and the tactics used on Cut, Cap and Balance back in 2011 that allowed Members to look like they opposed raising the debt ceiling, while they caved-in and raised the debt ceiling.

And think of the GOP leadership plan to claim amnesty for illegal aliens is not amnesty if you call it “immigration reform” and toss in some fig-leaf requirements before the amnesty kicks in. 

That’s what is going on right now with the House Republican leadership’s plan to give conservatives a vote on what sounds like the Cruz/Blackburn bill to close the loophole in our immigration laws that Obama is using to allow thousands of unaccompanied minors to enter the United States.

Except the language being offered by Speaker Boehner and the House leadership isn’t Cruz/Blackburn – it is actually as bad as or worse than present law.

The original Cruz-Blackburn legislation prohibited the government from spending funds on issuing any new applications under the Deferred Action for Childhood Releases (DACA) program, as well as issuing any work permits to individuals in the country illegally.

The new legislation prohibits the government from issuing “guidance, memorandums, regulations, policies, or other similar instruments” that would expand the scope of to whom DACA applies.

In other words, as our friends at Breitbart put it, “Cruz-Blackburn would prevent future implementation of DACA, while leaving the current pool of DACA beneficiaries intact but unable to obtain work permits. The leadership bill leaves DACA itself intact, but prohibits any official policies that would expand its scope.”

The leadership bill also appears to include a prohibition of new work permits for individuals in the country illegally, including DACA recipients, but exempts individuals “paroled under section 212(d)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1182(d)(5)) or permitted to land temporarily as an alien crewman.”

Here’s the problem with that – parole is totally under the control of the President and he's already using it to grant legal permanent residence, not just temporary legal status, to one class of illegal aliens (military family members) and there’s nothing in the House leadership draft that would limit Obama from expanding his present parole policy to include anyone.  

And once you have parole for one year, you can automatically apply for a green card and legal permanent resident status.

And once you get that permanent legal resident status you only have to wait five years to apply for U.S. citizenship. 

"By the end of 2016, the administration may well have decided it can parole in nearly all of the illegal alien population," wrote Dan Stein of the Federation of American Immigration Reform back in December of 2013. 

Stein was right, but it won’t take Obama until 2016 to parole in nearly all of the illegal alien population because he’s getting Republican help.

As it is currently written, the proposed supplemental (H.R. 5230) is inadequate to earn our support. 

Time is of the essence the House Rules Committee met yesterday at 2:00 PM and the final vote is today. Please call your Representative (the Capitol switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) and tell them “parole in place,” like Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is amnesty by small drips and should be defeated.

The alternative for conservatives, says Rep. Steve King, is to demand that the DACA fix (Cruz/Blackburn, H.R. 5160) be included in the leadership bill, and the Chaffetz/Goodlatte OTM/UAC fix (H.R. 5137) be substituted for the extremely problematic OTM/UAC language currently in the bill; this would put Republicans in the driver's seat.

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They're just mimicking the ol

They're just mimicking the ol Balfour Declaration strategy of mass immigration.