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Rep. Allen West and the Congressional Black Caucus

Fred Barnes writes on the significance of conservative Republican freshman Allen West’s decision to join the ultra-liberal congressional black caucus, and compliments West on his courage to stand up for principle even in a place where everyone disagrees with him.

West is the first Republican member of the caucus since Congressman Gary Franks was part of the body in the early nineties, and thus far, West has been trying hard to reach out to the Democrats. West explains that his parents would have wanted him to join, and it’s important to provide an alternative point-of-view – and it also shows conservative blacks that it’s okay to consider something other than the Democrats.

West believes that if the Republicans can eventually get 30% of the black vote, it would be huge – and with his example, maybe the goal is achievable someday.

Click here to read the article in the Weekly Standard.

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