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Letter Urging Rick Perry to Fire Anti-Conservatives Barbour and Schmidt

Tell Rick Perry Not To Turn His Back On Conservatives!

To: Texas Governor Rick Perry
Dear Governor Perry,

Your strong leadership has helped advance the conservative agenda in Texas.

But hiring and listening to Washington insiders like Henry Barbour and Steve Schmidt will undermine your continued leadership on issues that are important to conservatives.

In their advocacy of "business as usual" on Capitol Hill, and the content-free campaigns they run, Barbour and Schmidt are everything that is wrong with the out-of-touch Republican establishment.

We are looking for a strong leader who will draw a sharp contrast with the Democrats, and take back the Republican Party for conservatives, not someone who will leave the GOP in the hands of the manipulative inside elites whom we must fight every day to retain our liberty.

The only way to reestablish your credibility with conservatives is to send Henry Barbour and Steve Schmidt packing.

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It's ruining your credibility.

Rick Perry

Again, don't waste your time, efforts, concerns, or hard-earned money on trying to influence politicians who have it in their heart to want to please the Republican's a death trap for your freedom!