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Steve Deace Nails Rick Perry: Says Texas Gov Must “Repudiate” Barbour & Schmidt

Steve Deace

Principled conservative talk show host and political commentator Steve Deace had it right when he put the Good Book’s admonition that “bad company corrupts good character” into today’s language by saying “You are who you roll with” and nailed Texas Governor Rick Perry’s decision to hire Henry Barbour and Steve Schmidt, two establishment Republican consultants who have a history of trashing conservatives. (Link to Steve’s column at the end of this article)

But in addition to providing an extensive catalogue of the transgressions of Barbour and Schmidt that expands on the items CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie documented in his article “Governor Rick Perry’s Friends Are The Enemies Of Conservatives” Deace’s commentary got us thinking about an alternative theory of why a potential presidential candidate with Perry’s conservative street cred would hire two shadowy insiders like Barbour and Schmidt.

Up until we read Steve Deace’s column in the Monday, September 1 issue of The Washington Times we figured Perry just got some bad advice, as candidates often do, and screwed-up.

But Deace got us thinking. Maybe Governor Perry is looking to stakeout the position of establishment Republican favorite and hiring Schmidt and Barbour is his opening move.

Think about it. Why else would you hire Mr. Barbour whom Deace argues was “one of the ring leaders of the infamous race-baiting U.S. Senate primary in Mississippi.”

An election, notes Deace, that conservatives around the country believe was stolen from them with despicable Obama/Alinsky type of tactics. The cut-throat ‘methods’ Mr. Barbour and his machine used to get Thad Cochran through a contentious run-off were considered so heinous, a who’s who of conservative leaders sent an open letter to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus urging him to investigate. These leaders also asked for Mr. Priebus to censure Mr. Barbour for his “role in racially incendiary appeals to Democrat voters that voting for Thad Cochran was a means of helping stop the Tea Party.”

Then, says Steve Deace, there’s Mr. Schmidt, “who is the ruling class’ favorite kind of Republican. Which is to say he’s really not much of a Republican at all.”

Schmidt, Deace notes (and we share his analysis), was the mastermind of John “don’t use Obama’s middle name or you’re a racist” McCain’s failed 2008 presidential campaign, which is one of the main reasons the country has been suffering under Mr. Obama’s Marxist leadership ever since. In typical ruling class fashion, Mr. Schmidt attempted to rewrite the history of that disaster — including his decision to suspend the campaign to go all-in for the still-hated TARP bailout — by blaming the whole thing on conservatives afterwards (namely Sarah Palin).

Last year, as Deace documented, Schmidt was given a $10 million war-chest by the ACLU in an effort to recruit Republicans to join in the effort to “strike down” state marriage laws passed in a majority of the U.S. That means Mr. Perry, who began his 2012 presidential campaign with a national call to repentance (from sin) and the backing of several Christian conservative leaders, is now taking counsel from a guy that wants to celebrate what Christians believe to be immoral.

But wait, there’s more, Deace said in his column for The Washington Times.

Mr. Schmidt said this about Governor Perry’s fellow Texan Sen. Ted Cruz: “A lot of Republicans wish Ted Cruz would go back to Canada. We’re following (Cruz) down a policy path that will ultimately lead to the destruction of the Republican Party’s ability to compete as a national party.” Because obviously a guy that ran a presidential campaign that got beat by almost 200 electoral college votes knows all about what it takes to “compete as a national party.”How about when Schmidt said that Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump needed to be “shut down” for actually wanting the alleged party of conservatives to be — gasp! — conservative?Then there’s Schmidt urging the GOP to “dump” Tea Party “kooks.” Last, but certainly not least, remember when Schmidt said the GOP needs to “take conservatism’s good name back” from the Cruz/Tea Party “freak show.” Because if there’s anyone in America attuned to what it means to be a conservative, it’s the guy that ran McCain’s campaign into the ground.

With New Jersey Governor Chris Christie damaged goods after “Bridgegate” and Jeb Bush engaged in a Hamletesque “to run or not to run” navel gazing exercise, the hole in the market for an establishment Republican-backed candidate is wide open.

Once you start looking at the records of these two characters, and add the notion that Perry WANTS to be the establishment Republican candidate in 2016, then the idea that hiring Steve Schmidt and Henry Barbour is not a screw-up, but part of a plan to throw conservatives overboard doesn’t seem so farfetched.

But here’s the part of this equation that Barbour and Schmidt apparently haven’t shared with Governor Perry; he’s not the most popular GOP presidential candidate from his own state. Only 23 percent of Texas Republicans believe Mr. Perry should run for president, and only 10 percent make him their top choice.

Unfortunately for Gov. Perry, as Steve Deace observed, “with the hand-picking of establishmentarians Mr. Barbour and Mr. Schmidt for his inner circle, it’s obvious Perry didn’t get that message.” Nor is he likely to, because, unlike the grassroots conservative volunteers who are now abandoning any though of supporting him for President, Schmidt and Barbour get paid whether Rick Perry wins or not.

If you think Gov. Perry's decision to hire insiders like Henry Barbour and Steve Schmidt is a slap in the face to conservatives please sign out letter urging him to send them packing.

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