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Another Reason Rand Paul Should Run For President

Rand Paul for President
Skimming through the news this morning we caught an article by our friend Matt Boyle of Breitbart that documented once again that Rand Paul is one of the most original and compelling figures on the national political scene.
Matt reports that Rand Paul was speaking to the New Hampshire chapter of Generation Opportunity, a national grassroots conservative group with a libertarian appeal with thousands of young liberty-minded activists nationwide engaged through it, when he vowed to repeal “all previous executive orders” in one of his first acts as president, should he run. (Link to Matt Boyle's article at the end of this piece)
Stop and think about this entire scenario for just a moment.
First, Senator Paul is not in some carefully scripted venue with a blue drape in the background taking staff-vetted softball questions from donors; he’s at a pub taking unscripted questions from college students, a notoriously unscripted audience to be sure.
If there was such an unscripted moment (aside from his notorious 47% comment) in Mitt Romney’s disastrous 2012 campaign please send us the video.
But Senator Paul’s comment didn’t come in a moment of unscripted thinking, because he has obviously thought about the issue of executive overreach quite a lot.
“I think the first executive order that I would issue would be to repeal all previous executive orders,” Paul replied to a question to resounding cheers through the Manchester pub, named for the beer bearing the namesakes of American revolutionary Sam Adams. “Democracy is messy, but you have to build consensus to pass things. But it’s also in some ways good, because a lot of laws take away your freedom. So it should be hard to pass a law. And it, frankly, when you do it the proper way, is. We’ve done way too many things [the wrong way]: Signing statements, altering legislation by the president, are wrong and unconstitutional and shouldn’t happen. Executive orders shouldn’t either.”
In a brief interview with Breitbart News’ Matt Boyle outside after the speech and question-and-answer session, Paul said he thinks the president’s executive overreaches are massively unpopular nationwide and will have electoral consequences for candidates in races ranging from this year’s Senate races to 2016’s presidential contest.
“I’m very serious that the biggest problem with President Obama is his usurpation of power, destroying the separation of powers and not believing there are any checks and balances and believing that the executive branch can do whatever it wants—and this is exemplified in immigration, Obamacare and more—but really it’s the most seriously destructive thing he’s doing to this country,” Paul said. “While Obamacare’s bad, Dodd-Frank is bad, immigration is bad, the problem is, is he’s doing it in an unconstitutional way. You can see how the crowd really understands that. The problem is he’s acting like a legislature.”
Paul’s stated reason for being in New Hampshire is a series of events he’ll attend with Scott Brown and other Republican candidates today (Friday), including a post-primary “unity breakfast," to unite the party here behind Brown heading into November's battle with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH).
And as the reaction of a crowd of 200 younger voters shows, Paul’s message and his style resonate with a demographic that has been hard for Republicans to reach for a long time.
One would think given the crowd reaction and Senator Paul’s analysis that "the president’s executive overreaches are massively unpopular nationwide and will have electoral consequences for candidates in races ranging from this year’s Senate races to 2016’s presidential contest," you would think every Republican would be out talking about reining-in lawless government, but it is almost impossible to find another Republican campaigning on or even talking about Obama’s lawlessness and unconstitutional government.
Matt Boyle reports that in his remarks Paul hammered Obama on his use of executive authority. “[Abraham] Lincoln wrote that any man can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power,” Paul said. “I think this president has failed that test at every turn because this president has said that ‘oh, well, Democracy is messy and Congress won’t give me what I want.’ A direct quote from one of his people about two weeks they said, ‘he has no choice but to act.’ It sounds like we live in some kind of third world place where the president does whatever he wants. This is the idea that the presidency is run amok. I was talking to one of you earlier and you said it didn’t start with him—you’re right. It’s gone on for a hundred years, and progressively has gotten worse, Republicans and Democratic administrations, with more and more power accumulating in the presidency.”

The mere fact that Rand Paul is contemplating running for President and at the same time running against the growth of the power the office of president has gathered unto itself is, to us, proof that he is one of the few politicians who can be trusted with the power to which Lincoln referred.



Click this link to read Matt Boyle’s article about Senator Rand Paul’s New Hampshire speech in its entirety

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Like Father, like Son

As someone who became an adult during WWII and fully understands evil, this is what I fear about Rand Paul:

See: (YouTube) “Cong. Ron Paul Courageously Speaks the Truth.”

(Advance the dot with your mouse to just above the capital S [in Speaks) and listen to Daddy Paul as far as the capital T in Truth.

Everything else both say is 100% super!

You see, neither Ron nor Rand understand that evil is evil, and evil people don’t have feelings that we must care about.

Instead, we must be eternally vigilant, meaning evil must be watched every minute... England or France should have quelled Hitler in 1936 before he became more powerful.

It sure seems that the Pauls have the Neville Chamberlain mindset... I for one don’t want a WW episode to happen again. WWII was bad enough.

I usually agree with you, Mr. Rasley ,

but not at all on this one.

Paul supports McConnell and is the son of the father who literally bought off an Iowa GOP operative in 2012 and who sold himself to Romney in the 2012 debates.

He has proven himself to be for sale, too, flip-flopping on intervention and amnesty, to name a few, and to be for sale to the Establishment as his support for McConnell and other RINOs shows. He has become a part of the RINO Senate Incumbent Reelection Club.

He falls on the liberal side of libertarianism.

How a site that so rightly rails against McConnell can turn around and support a sellout to him is surprising to me. That's why I have to agree to disagree on this one.

We don't need another inexperienced freshman Senator running for the top executive post in the land.

And yes, I say that about Ted Cruz as well.

Regarding executive orders, Sarah Palin addressed this issue in answer to a question from a reader at the Sarah Palin Channel three weeks ago. See around 4:30 mark of this video:

It's ironic that someone would praise Paul by quoting Lincoln, a man who was the worst offender of executive powers to that date. For example, on what constitutional or legal authority did he claim when he made the "Emancipation Proclamation"?

Just because slavery is evil, the ends don't justify the means. Even the Founders understood that, which is why they did not unilaterally end it at that time.